Declaration of Rebellion at Parliament Square, London, on 31 October 2018. Attribution: Steve Eason
  • Extinction Rebellion announces move away from disruptive tactics, The Guardian (Jan 01, 2023)

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Extinction Rebellion (abbreviated as XR) is a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

Extinction Rebellion was established in the United Kingdom in May 2018 with about one hundred academics signing a call to action in support in October 2018, and launched at the end of October by Roger Hallam, Gail Bradbrook, Simon Bramwell, and other activists from the campaign group Rising Up!.

Citing inspiration from grassroots movements such as Occupy, Gandhi's Satyagraha, the suffragettes, Gene Sharp, Martin Luther King and others in the civil rights movement, Extinction Rebellion wants to rally support worldwide around a common sense of urgency to tackle climate breakdown.

The movement uses a circled hourglass, known as the Extinction Symbol, to serve as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species. Special Note: This is an abbreviated version of the introductory text from Wikipedia's article. You are encouraged to read the full version. W See also next section.

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Although this article shares some content from the Wikipedia article of the same name, it is not meant to be encyclopedic in the same way. There is no need to duplicate what Wikipedia does. However you are encouraged to view the Wikipedia article in full, including for example sections such as Support and Criticism. As well as, of course Extinction Rebellion's own website.

Rather this article, and any subsequent offshoots, within Community action for sustainability (CASwiki), are an opportunity to explore and hopefully contribute to, or at the very least complement community aspects of the movement. (more to follow)

Manifesto[edit | edit source]

Demands[edit | edit source]

Extinction Rebellion's website states the following aims:

  1. Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency W, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change.
  2. Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2025.
  3. Government must create, and be led by, the decisions of a Citizens' assembly on climate and ecological justice.
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Stated principles[edit | edit source]

XR states the following on its website and explains the following in its declaration:

  1. "We have a shared vision of change—creating a world that is fit for generations to come.
  2. We set our mission on what is necessary—mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change by using ideas such as "momentum-driven organising" to achieve this.
  3. We need a regenerative culture—creating a culture that is healthy, resilient, and adaptable.
  4. We openly challenge ourselves and this toxic system, leaving our comfort zones to take action for change.
  5. We value reflecting and learning, following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action (learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences).
  6. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone—working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces.
  7. We actively mitigate for power—breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation.
  8. We avoid blaming and shaming—we live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.
  9. We are a non-violent network using non-violent strategy and tactics as the most effective way to bring about change.
  10. We are based on autonomy and decentralisation—we collectively create the structures we need to challenge power. Anyone who follows these core principles and values can take action in the name of RisingUp!"[1]

Principles and Values[edit | edit source]

Copy of XR Principles and Values in Full, added 09:53, 3 February 2020 (UTC)

How to get involved[edit | edit source]

Local groups[edit | edit source]

Community aspects of Extinction Rebellion[edit | edit source]

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Communities Overview[edit | edit source]


  • historical archiving,[2] but mentions:
"Communicate a vision of a different world and to propose a draft manifesto of the changes needed, (drafts that can be improved)."
"Making room for everyone to join in", etc.
  • Rebel Starter Pack,[3] contains links to eg spreadsheets, etc., including:
Visual Representation of the Communities Circle (?)/ Working Group, GlassFrog
Mandates (?) spreadsheet: Community listed under Movement circle Mandate, Google Sheets

XR and future democracy[edit | edit source]

See separate article: XR and future democracy

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Extinction Cafe[edit | edit source]

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see: Future Democracy Hub

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How to start a student group for Extinction Rebellion, Google Docs

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Commons:Category:Extinction Rebellion

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Video[edit | edit source]

More video: Extinction Rebellion on youtube

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His Epic Message Will Make You Want to Save the World, on

News and comment[edit | edit source]


  • Extinction Rebellion launches campaign of financial disobedience.[4] Nov 23

Extinction Rebellion is a force for good.[5] Sep 13

According to YouGov poll, UK public think we do not have a free press[6] Only a minority of adults in the UK think that we have a free press. Most people think the press ownership concentration is unacceptable. 48% of people think the UK press generally pays too little attention to climate change. Sep 10

Extinction Rebellion UK launch new strategy: 'In 2019 we demanded change. In 2020 we begin building the alternative'.[7] Feb 12

  • Today, Extinction Rebellion UK launched its new strategy for 2020 saying: 'This is the year rebellion goes beyond the streets and into the fabric of everything we do.'
  • Barely a year old, Extinction Rebellion has already been recognised as the #1 global influencer on climate awareness.
  • Key goals are to bring a million people in the UK into active support and ensure 50% of the nation see the Climate & Ecological Emergency as their top priority; pilot new participatory systems in democracy, media and economics; and grow connections to, and understanding of, wider movements for change.
  • National policies and international climate agreements have failed for 30 years – While we know the eyes of the world will be on COP26 and we will be factoring it into plans, Extinction Rebellion will not be depending on this conference.

Brocks Hill Environmental Centre - - 12886.jpg

Pupils draft their own climate bill as anxiety grows over lack of guidance for schools[8] Feb 11...Education UK

Rushing the emergency, rushing the rebellion? Story and vision for XR in 2020. By Marc Lopatin, Skeena Rathor, Rupert Read[9] Jan...An open response to XR-Story-Vision in 2020



Majority of UK public back 2030 zero-carbon target – poll[10] Nov 7...UK Climate news 2014 - 2019

Extinction Rebellion: High Court rules London protest ban unlawful[11] Nov 6

The first year of XR is coming up. So if we need a "rapid transition" to the next stage, what can we all learn from them?[12] Oct 23

Extinction Rebellion's car-free streets showcase the possibility of a beautiful, safe and green future.[13] Oct 16

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Extinction Rebellion W - Climate emergency declaration W - Citizens' assembly W includes sections on disadvantages as well as advantages.

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