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This article is an offshoot of our Extinction Rebellion page, and focuses on XR's (Extinction Rebellion's) call for a transformation in our democracy to facilitate the necessary policies to address the climate and ecological emergency for all of us.

This transformation, to be successful, XR believe requires new democratic tools to be embedded into the DNA of the culture at all levels from local communities to the highest levels of government.

The Future Democracy Hub is described as "a central location and resource to support this transformation and all those who want to take an active part in it." [1]

Events[edit | edit source]


Oct 17 - 24 Pop Up Tomorrow, 2019, Thu-Thu

Scaling deliberative democracy and why[edit | edit source]

Deliberation approaches in XR[edit | edit source]

How to get involved[edit | edit source]

Trust The People, added 17:14, 13 July 2020 (UTC)

XR Future Democracy on: loomio.org, see also: Future Democracy Hub

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Nov 8Pop Up Tomorrow’ and a journey to 2030. A report. [2]

2010,Taipei, Daan Park, Taiwan.JPG

Oct 17 Taiwan: A Strong Democracy Is a Digital Democracy [3]

Sep 15 On International Day of Democracy, how can we make the growth of citizens assemblies last? [4]

Sep 7 A/UK has been working with Extinction Rebellion to develop a Future Democracy Hub, now launching [5]

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Future Democracy Tools[edit | edit source]

See: Peoples assemblies, Citizens' assembly

see also: Future Democracy Hub

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