Open CO2 is a project to help crowdsource open carbon accounts for local communities worldwide. It can also be about carbon literacy, encouraging ourselves to learn more about what the available data might show. Questions such as who are the biggest polluters, who's making the most progress in CO2 reduction, what are the biggest challenges to communities going low carbon?

In spite of widespread concern about climate change the data which exists or should exist is barely visible, let alone visualized to be meaningful and helpful to concerned citizens and communities. The open data W movement has led to great improvements in transparency and visualization of financial data and local data, eg via open 311 W. We can also improve our awareness of how local communties and cities are taking responsibility to move to a low carbon future.

As John Geraci points out in his blog "...a big issue I think is with the term: global warming. Anything that's global is by definition Someone Else's Problem... But... what if we broke it down, and started referring to it locally?"

The project started off an as idea to develop something in a UK context, where the data exists, but similar opportunites will become available for cities and countries across the world.

Open local carbon accounts would help make possible Participatory carbon budgeting

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  • Data for Democracy, consider joining a network such as this to work on something like Open CO2. If anyone interested... I'd love to hear from you Philralph (talk) 07:37, 5 January 2019 (PST)

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