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  • News EU passes law to restore 20% of bloc’s land and sea by end of decade, (Jun 17, 2024)

May 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News Herd of 170 bison could help store CO2 equivalent of almost 2m cars, researchers say, (May 15, 2024)
  • News Fewer wildfires, great biodiversity: what is the secret to the success of Mexico’s forests?, (May 01, 2024) — More than half of the country’s forestry is in community and Indigenous hands – and from CO2 absorption to reducing poverty the results are impressive

April 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News Rio’s dolphins back from the brink of extinction thanks to education and research, (Apr 30, 2024)

February 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News Food forests grown by Nile Basin farmers restore wetlands and bring back a turtle, (Feb 28, 2024)
  • News Community seed banks offer hope for the Amazon across Brazil’s soy belt, (Feb 15, 2024)

January 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News Low-carbon milk to AI irrigation: tech startups powering Latin America’s green revolution, (Jan 30, 2024)
  • News Reverse in endangered fish’s slide to extinction helped by Indigenous effort in Bangladesh, (Jan 19, 2024)

December 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Farming support to communities living near wildlife reserve in Cameroon lowers rates of hunting, (Dec 19, 2023)
  • News Collaboration involving local fishing communities helps save manatees stranded in Colombia, (Dec 18, 2023)
  • News Papua New Guinea's two large new marine protected areas “one of the first and most ambitious community-led MPA wins”, (Dec 14, 2023)
  • News How Jocotoco Foundation, an Ecuadorian non-profit protects 10% of the world’s bird species, (Dec 11, 2023)
  • News Climate change: Saving Uganda's mountain gorillas, BBC News (Dec 01, 2023)

November 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Blue whales: Ocean giants return to 'safe' tropical haven, BBC News (Nov 23, 2023)
  • News Boy tells TDs and senators: 'We need more trains now', (Nov 21, 2023)
  • News Pala’wan Indigenous community’s organic farming protecting a Philippine hotspot, (Nov 16, 2023)

October 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Outlaw fisher turns reef marshal in Indonesia’s Sumbawa, (Oct 31, 2023)
  • News The barren island that came back from the dead, (Oct 18, 2023)

September 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Flock of California Condors Spotted In Contra Costa County for the First Time in 100 Years., (Sep 25, 2023)
  • News Can ‘road ecology’ save millions of animals?, (Sep 19, 2023)
  • News The Samburu warriors regenerating a Kenyan wilderness, (Sep 18, 2023)
  • News Agroforestry chocolate helping save the world’s most endangered rainforest, by Liz Kimbrough, (Sep 12, 2023)
  • News Sundarbans tiger and prey numbers rise amid Bangladesh conservation efforts, (Sep 11, 2023)

August 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News A forest gave Cambodia’s captive elephants a new life. Now they’re paying it back, (Aug 31, 2023)
  • News Ecuadorians vote to halt oil drilling in biodiverse Amazonian national park, (Aug 21, 2023)

June 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News UN adopts first ‘historic’ treaty to protect high seas, (Jun 19, 2023)
  • News Belize’s co-management framework is a model for community conservation, (Jun 12, 2023)

May 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Tiger protection in India also saved 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions – new study, The Conversation (May 25, 2023)
  • News Inside the world’s first native bee sanctuary (plus, how to really save bees), Positive News (May 19, 2023)
  • News Community-led coral restoration project is rare hit amid slew of misses in Indonesia, (May 04, 2023)

April 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Costa Rica restored its ravaged land to health. The rich UK has no excuse for such complete failure, George Monbiot, The Guardian (Apr 21, 2023)

March 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks, BBC News (Mar 05, 2023)

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