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  • France’s plan for solar panels on all car parks is just the start of an urban renewable revolution, The Conversation (Nov 17, 2022)
  • There's a "solar energy insurrection" going on in Puerto Rico, from which we can learn. (Star Trek is also helping...), The Daily Alternative (Sep 22, 2022)
  • Energy citizenship: Europe’s communities forging a low-carbon future, The Guardian (Sep 03, 2022)
  • We created the first AI-powered solar electricity backup system for houses in sub-Saharan Africa, The Conversation (Jan 25, 2022)

Germany To Dedicate 2% Of Its Land To Wind Power Development, Jan 14 [1]

2021[edit | edit source]

Catching the sun: How communities create their own people-powered solar solutions, Dec 28 [2] ...India news

We the Power Official Trailer, The Future of Energy is Community-Owned
Authors: Patagonia, Apr 2, 2021

Cutting energy consumption in Budapest, Jan 16 [3] ...Hungary

2020[edit | edit source]

Community-generated green electricity to be offered to all in UK, Jan 12 [4]

2019[edit | edit source]

This small German town took back the power – and went fully renewable, Dec 6 [5]


New scheme to help community groups generate electricity, Dec 2 [6] ...Ireland

When a renewable energy revolution meets the landscapes of Orkney, the result is quite beautiful, Sep 2 [7] ...Scotland news

Parisian community recognised for its geothermal heating network, Jan 17 [8]

2018[edit | edit source]


Virtual power station hailed as 'a game-changer', Dec 1 [9] ...New Zealand

Communities lead governments on climate action, Nov 14 [10]

Tesla battery will power unusual community storage project in Western Australia, Jul 11 [11]

How a small town reclaimed its grid and sparked a community revolution, Feb 28 [12] ...Germany

Tesla and Australia will turn 50,000 homes into a virtual solar power plant, Feb 4 [13] ...South Australia


Alaska can save its economy and environment by investing in renewable energy. What are we waiting for? Feb 22 [14]

Energy democracy way to go for Indonesia, Feb 1 [15]

Empower Generation: Women Are Leading The Energy Revolution In Nepal, Jan 29 [16]

How This Small Town In Mexico Uses Solar Power For Economic Justice, Jan 24 [17]

2017[edit | edit source]

An energy system vision for a community energy-led future? Dec 1 [18] ...Community energy UK news

Saskatoon 23d St transit terminal 2.JPG

Solar power's popularity is on the rise in Saskatchewan, Nov 24 [19]

This Brooklyn, New York Clean Energy Experiment Is Going Global, Nov 20 [20]

Costa Rica's electricity generated by renewable energy for 300 days in 2017, Nov 22 [21]

Solar energy ‘like light from heaven’ for rural Nicaragua, Nov 13 [22]

New Zealand Aims to Transition to 100% Renewables by 2035, Nov 7 [23]

Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering new solar power idea, Oct 9 [24]

Will Public Banking Bring More Clean Energy Programs to California? Sep 28 [25]

Rainbow Valley.jpg

Solar grid keeps harvests high, hospitals lit in parched rural Zimbabwe, Sep 11 [26]

What about the people missing out on renewables? Here's what planners can do about energy justice, Sep 10 [27] ...Australia news

£1 billion solar programme for social housing tenants was launched in England and Wales, Sep 4 [28] ...Community energy UK news

Malawi 01.jpg

Malawian NGO Community Energy to install 45KW solar energy grid for villages in Mchinji, Aug 18 [29]

Chile’s Energy Transformation Is Powered by Wind, Sun and Volcanoes, Aug 12 [30]

Mongoose Energy completes community energy deal to power 4,500 homes in England, Aug 7 [31] “By the community sector working with the private sector you will see more of it (battery storage) very soon,” Emma Bridge, Community Energy England [32] ...Community energy UK news

Illinois's Cook County Helps Solar Energy Cooperatives Rise and Shine, Jul 19 [33]

Support local action now to build a cleaner energy future, Jul 14 [34]

Hundreds of US mayors endorse switch to 100% renewable energy by 2035, Jun 26 [35]

Middelgrunden wind farm 2009.jpg

Danish Energy Cooperative Lets Consumers Collectively Build Wind Turbines, Jun 21 [36]

How Residents of Hamburg Reclaimed the Power Grid, Jun 21 [37] ...Germany

Local energy firms power 130,000 homes - the power of your community revealed, Jun 20 [38] ...Community energy UK news

How Electricity Cooperatives in the US are Paving the Way for a Renewable Future, Jun 19 [39]

The Case for Local, Community-led Sustainable Energy Programs, Jun 19 [40]

Costa Rica Could Reach 300 Days Running on Clean Energy, Jun 17 [41]


Tilos, Greece: the first island in the Med to run entirely on wind and solar power, Jun 15 [42]

Fossil-free islands: A blueprint for sustainable development? Jun 14 [43] ...Hawaii

Hop on the bandwagon: #GoSolar bus tours Delhi to make solar power cool, Jun 11 [44] ...India news

Solar power lights up the path to prosperity, Jun 12 [45] ...China news

World Bank announces project to bring renewable energy to 45,000 people in Vanuatu, Jun 1 [46] ...Oceania

Blackout parties: how solar and storage made Western Australia farmers the most popular in town, May 15 [47]

Manakha 01.jpg

How A Man With No Coding Experience Built An App That’s Bringing Solar Power To Yemen, May 8 [48]

Victoria backs renewable energy community hubs with $900,000 investment, Apr 28 [49]

Off-grid living: it's time to take back the power from the energy companies, Apr 11 [50] ...Community energy UK news

El ayuntamiento crea Barcelona Energia para autoabastecerse de electricidad, Mar 30 [51]

Meet the First Nation Above the Arctic Circle That Just Went Solar, Mar 28 [52]

Solar power lights up remote villages in Rajasthan, Mar 27 [53] ...India news

Solar Experiment Lets Neighbors Trade Energy Among Themselves, Mar 13 [54] ...New York City news

What rural Alaska can teach the world about renewable energy, Mar 6 [55]

Energy positive: how Denmark's Samsø island switched to zero carbon, Feb 23 [56]

2016[edit | edit source]

Middelgrunden wind farm 2009.jpg

Three lessons for cities in Denmark’s clean-energy revolution, Jun 30 [57]

2015[edit | edit source]

60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours, December 14 [58]

Cities And Regions Moving Towards 100% Renewable Energy, December 8 [59]

The co-benefits of community energy, October 8 [60]

Renewable Energy Now Employs 7.7 Million People Worldwide, May 19 [61]


The startup that's powering rural Africa with affordable, smart microgrids, May 13 [62] ...Kenya

This striking chart shows why solar power will take over the world, April 15 [63]

2014[edit | edit source]

Energy: Thriving On Five Percent? March 3 [64]

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