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California news

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July 17 Berkeley becomes first U.S. city to ban natural gas in new homes [1]


Jun 3 How one nonprofit is fighting hunger, food waste, and poverty with kitchen apprenticeships [2]

2009 BrooksPark SanFrancisco 3899032980.jpg

May 1 Bank On San Francisco: Supporting community financial empowerment [3]


California Ups Its Clean Energy Game With 100% Zero-Carbon Electricity Vote, Aug 29 [4]

How Cooperation Richmond is empowering marginalized communities to build an equitable economy, Mar 15 [5]


Loconomics Gives Gig Workers an Alternative to Investor-Owned Platforms, Nov 29 [6]

“Santa Monica releases second round of Wellbeing Index findings”, Sep 14 [7]

California to pass law setting 100% renewable electricity goal, Aug 31 [8]

Nurses Join Forces With Labor Union to Launch Healthcare Platform Cooperative, Aug 21 [9]

Check Out Toy Cycle, a New Platform for Families to Swap Toys, Aug 7 [10]

Sacramento Nonprofit Sol Collective Uplifts Communities Through Art and Activism, Jun 28 [11]

Bay Area Nonprofit Project Equity Transforms Businesses Into Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Apr 17 [12]

How Community Members Started a Warming Shelter Program in California, Feb 6 [13]

Cool Block Shows How Neighborhoods Can Create Climate Resilience, Jan 11 [14]

Palo Alto Residents Share Dishware to Reduce Waste, Build Community, Jan 5 [15]

How free solar panels for the poor are ushering California toward a carbon-free future, Jan 2 [16]


These Workers are Celebrating 20 Years of Shared Bread and Shared Ownership, Dec 19 [17]

For Homeless in Santa Cruz, California, Garden Project Offers Hope, Stability, and Jobs, Dec 12 [18]

California Law Recognizes Meadows and Forests as Water Infrastructure, Oct 4 [19]

California Seed Sharing Bill Signed into Law, Sep 14 [20]

California is about to find out what a truly radical climate policy looks like, Aug 29 [21]

Nation’s first K-8 urban farm school teaches kids how to grow their own food, Aug 1 [22]

The County-By-County Fight Against Fracking In California Had A Good Night On Tuesday, Jul 20 [23]

Harvest Club Looks to Backyard Groves to Feed the Hungry, May 25 [24]

How Transition Palo Alto Brings Sharing and Community to Silicon Valley, Apr 25 [25]


The successful Black Urban Growers conference, November 22 [26]

Energy Democracy: Inside Californians' Game-Changing Plan for Community-Owned Power, November 16 [27]

University of California Begins Fossil Fuel Divestment, September 10 [28]

The Nation’s Most Populous State Just Voted To Divest From Coal, September 3 [29]

Davis, California – the American city which fell in love with the bicycle, August 3 [30]

California passes ambitious laws on emissions and energy efficiency, June 4 [31]

California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth, April 4 [32]


California Becomes First State To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags, September 30 [33]

Governor Jerry Brown signs California's Neighborhood Food Act, and several other bills seeking to promote local and sustainable food systems in California, September 29 [34]

California Experiencing Most Severe Drought Ever Recorded, August 1 [35]

Pasadena ShareFest Goes Big, June 3 [36]

Oakland will upgrade 30,000 street lights with GE LED fixtures, May 7 [37]

California City Becomes First To Vote To Ban Fracking, April 24 [38]

How A Well-Being Index For Cities Is Taking Shape In California, March 31 [39]

Living with Climate Change: Joanne Poyourow in Los Angeles, March 2 [40]

5 Shocking Drought Facts to Make You Rethink the Golden State, Febraury 14 [41]

As Drought Persists, 17 California Communities Almost Out Of Water, January 29 [42]

California added more rooftop solar capacity in 2013 than in the past 30 years combined! January 8 [43]


Legalizing Sustainability? Santa Monica Recognizes Rights of Nature, April 11 [44]

Santa Monica street goes green with bike-friendliness, January 13 [45]


Nevada City Energy Solutions Task Force Report Accepted by City Council, [46] March 17


California Energy Commission approves the nation's first energy efficiency standards for televisions, [47] November 18

California decree requires electricity companies to generate a third of their power from renewable sources by 2020, [48] September 12

Government shuts off water to California farms in controversial effort to help threatened species, [49] August 13

Warming climate threatens California fruit and nut production, [50] July 21

California in drought emergency, [51] February 28

A solar deal to put mirrors in the Mojave, [52] February 11


Berkeley approves city-backed loans for solar panels, [53] September 17

California offers rebates for alternative fuel vehicles, [54] April 3

Dam removal proposal for Klamath River, [55] January 17


CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from CASwiki's California article and is for news and comment in that context.




Apr 6 Funding community action: The next egg: Investing our retirement savings in our local communities [56]

2009 BrooksPark SanFrancisco 3899032980.jpg

Feb 9 San Francisco: Tiny neighborhood libraries worth checking out [57]

California’s rooftop solar mandate will normalize clean energy, Jan 8 [58]


Will Public Banking Bring More Clean Energy Programs to California? Sep 28 [59]

What Would a Community-Owned Food System Look Like? Mar 6 [60]

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