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Climate action USA

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This article focuses on information specific to the United States. Please see our Climate action page for a topic overview.

There is an international interest in issues surrounding changes in climate in the United States and that nation's relationship to general global warming due to the high level of American greenhouse gas emissions per capita. W


The Climate Mobilization

Campus Climate Challenge

Mothers Out Front


Citizens data initiative[edit]

Fossil Free Funds - NOAA Climate.gov


What’s in Obama’s Climate Plan? TckTckTck


The Solutions Project, an organization first conceived in 2011 by prominent figures in science, business and the entertainment media with the goal of utilizing the combined efforts of individuals in the fields of science, business and culture to accelerate the transition to 100 percent renewable energy use in the United States. Based on the results of academic research, the organization maintains that America is capable of meeting its entire energy needs through renewal energy sources, and that this goal can be achieved by the year 2050.

The organization has proposed what it calls the "50 States 50 Plans" initiative. These are plans developed for each of the 50 United States specifying the precise mix of renewable energy types that, given factors such as geography and climate, would allow that particular state to receive all of its energy from renewable sources by 2050. The organization claims that, beyond the issue of environmental sustainability, a number of significant benefits to society would come about if the initiative were adopted, including consumer energy cost savings, health cost savings and millions of long-term (40 years or more) jobs. W



With a Green New Deal, here's what the world could look like for the next generation, Dec 5, 2018 [1]

News and comment[edit]


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Sep 19 Climate news 2019: For the sake of life on Earth, we must put a limit on wealth, George Monbiot [2]


July 17 California news: Berkeley becomes first U.S. city to ban natural gas in new homes [3]


With a Green New Deal, here's what the world could look like for the next generation, Dec 5 [4]

The two fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. right now are solar installers and wind technicians. Dec 3 [5]


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Massachusetts: Boston outlines its plans to adapt to rising sea levels, Oct 30 [6]


California news: California to pass law setting 100% renewable electricity goal, Aug 31 [7]

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Texas: Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like, Aug 28 [8]

Got #ClimateHope? 99 Reasons To Keep Fighting for Our Future, Aug 11 [9]

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New York City: New York’s new climate program includes making friends — seriously. Here’s why. Jun 16 [10]

The fight against climate change: four cities leading the way in the Trump era, Jun 13 [11]

Bucking Trump, These Cities, States and Companies Commit to Paris Accord, Jun 1 [12]

75 U.S. mayors won’t enforce climate policy rollback, Mar 29 [13]

Sharp drop in US emissions keeps global levels flat, Mar 17 [14]

The biggest doctors' groups in America have joined the climate change fight, Mar 15 [15]

This climate lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn't want it going to trial, Mar 9 [16]

Red state rural America is acting on climate change – without calling it climate change, Feb 22 [17]

Trump Named as Defendant in Landmark Federal Climate Suit, Feb 9 [18]


37 Mayors Urge Trump to Act on Climate Change, Nov 28 [19]

“Court rules that children can sue the government over climate negligence” by @ngeiling, Nov 11 [20]

From now on, every government agency will have to consider climate change, Aug 2 [21]


There’s Now A Way To Find Out How Much Of Your Retirement Is Invested In Fossil Fuels, September 17 [22]

Most Republicans Say They Back Climate Action, Poll Finds, January 30 [23]


Youths sue U.S. government over climate inaction, May 5 [24]

Obama Turns to Web to Illustrate the Effects of a Changing Climate, March 19 [25]

Is Your State Prepared For The Health Impacts Of Climate Change? March 5 [26]

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