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A view fo the Riverwalk from street level.jpg

Sustainability initiatives[edit]


Texas Campaign for the Environment

Initiatives by topic[edit]

Climate action[edit]

Wikipedia: Action to address climate change in Texas

Community energy[edit]

Wikipedia: Solar power in Texas - Wind power in Texas: Texas produces the most wind power of any U.S. state.

Cycling activism[edit]

Houston Bikes - Wikipedia: San Antonio, Bicycle paths: San Antonio has approximately 136 miles (219 km) of bike lanes, routes or off-road paths. Off-road trails travel along the San Antonio River, linear greenways, or city parks. Although largely disconnected, the progress to create a bicycle-friendly environment was recognized when San Antonio was designated a Bronze-Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists - San Antonio, Bicycle sharing: A bike sharing service was approved by the city council on June 17, 2010

Education for sustainability[edit]

Wikipedia: List of nature centers in Texas

Environment quality[edit]

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Food activism[edit]

Black Star Co-op, pub and brewery

Bonton Farms, Dallas

in.gredients, Austin’s zero waste micro-grocer

Social inclusion[edit]

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Texas (category)

News and comment[edit]


Talking Bike Share in Dallas, Mar 6 [1]

Dallas non-profit creates bike share docks for neighborhoods, Feb 19 [2]


World’s first solar panel mural unveiled in San Antonio, Nov 17 [3]

This is what America's eco city of the future looks like, Oct 16 [4]

Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like, Aug 28 [5]

Austin's Ride-Hailing Saga Shows Need for More Local Empowerment, Jun 29 [6]

Austin Council Votes to Boost Worker Cooperatives, Apr 18 [7]

Overcoming Stigma: One Event at a Time, Mar 31 [8]

Oak Cliff Inspiration, Mar 27 [9]

Bayou Greenways, Jan 5 [10]


New record set for most wind-power used in Texas, Nov 30 [11]

In Collaboration with Underserved Community an Outsider Helps Establish First Urban Farm in Dallas, Nov 28 [12]

New Ridesharing Alternatives Thrive After Uber Leaves Austin, Jul 6 [13]

Houston: Clinic’s garden promotes community connection, healthy lifestyle, March 11 [14]


Lewisville: Texas distiller uses solar energy to produce spirits [15]

Dallas: Food forest fans propose a garden of eating in Collin County park, August 9 [16]


Apps for sustainability[edit]

Power of Ten, Map Your Ideas to Re-Imagine the Heart of San Antonio

Citizens data initiative[edit]

Energy Profile for Texas- Economic, environmental, and energy data

Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Texas


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