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  • How California’s Wiyot Tribe turned to community land trusts to fight for justice, thenews.coop (Aug 03, 2023) — 'Access to the land and going back to their ancestral lands is part of the healing process for a lot of Indigenous groups'

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A community land trust (CLT) is a nonprofit corporation that holds land on behalf of a place-based community, while serving as the long-term steward for affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community.

CLTs balance the needs of individuals who want security of tenure in occupying and using land and housing, with the needs of the surrounding community, striving to secure a variety of social purposes such as maintaining the affordability of local housing, preventing the displacement of vulnerable residents, and promoting economic and racial inclusion. Across the world, there is enormous diversity among CLTs in the ways that real property is owned, used, and operated and the ways that the CLT itself is guided and governed by people living on and around a CLT’s land.

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  • How to Start a Community Land Trust, Oct 15, 2013[1]
  • CLT Resources, Burlington Associates in Community Development, LLC

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Are Community land trusts the answer to Chicago's Large Lots Program issues? Dec 10[2]

New California legislation passes to benefit Community Land Trusts, Dec 3[3]

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