CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from CASwiki's Madrid community action article and is for news and comment in that context. Image: Madrid Shared Space, Oct 2009. Attribution: EURIST e.V.
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Location Madrid, Spain
  • News The eye-popping new school designed by its pupils, Positive News (Apr 12, 2023)

2019[edit | edit source]

The Frugal Leftist Who Shook Up Madrid, May 24, 2019[1]

2018[edit | edit source]

In 2018, Madrid Is the City to Watch for Environmental Progress, Jan 3[2]

2017[edit | edit source]

Madrid as a democracy lab, Jul 10[3]

How Madrid's residents are using open-source urban planning to create shared spaces – and build democracy, Jun 27[4]

Madrid's mayor is determined to clean up its air – by pedestrianising its biggest shopping street, Jan 16[5]

2016[edit | edit source]

Madrid Is Giving Itself a Car Ban For Christmas, Dec 5[6]

Madrid is covering itself in plants to help fight rising temperatures, February 3[7]

2014[edit | edit source]

Madrid first city in the world to apply sustainability criteria to parking, August 6[8]

The Madrid P2P Commune, May 22[9]

2013[edit | edit source]

Madrid's Big Plan to Swear Off Cars, December 4[10]

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