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  • Wooden housing boom needed to boost climate goals, says new study – but is it possible?, The Conversation (Aug 30, 2022)
  • Germany’s €9 train tickets scheme ‘saved 1.8m tons of CO2 emissions’, The Guardian (Aug 30, 2022)
  • Finnish researchers have installed the world's first fully working "sand battery" which can store green power for months at a time, BBC News (Jul 05, 2022)
  • The world’s affluent must start eating local food to tackle the climate crisis, new research shows, The Conversation (Jun 21, 2022)
  • Oceans and their largest inhabitants could be the key to storing our carbon emissions, The Conversation (Apr 11, 2022) — The new agenda would also shore up fish stocks and provide income opportunities for marginalised communities across the world.

2021[edit | edit source]

How elephants help pump planet-warming carbon underground, Nov 18 [1]

Carbon capture can sit in the background, cleaning up our historic biosphere damage. But there's an acute battle for the metaphors around it. Jul 18 [2] "There is no reason why carbon-from-air machines shouldn't be as equally (and as locally) distributed as, say, wind farms, heat capture or other community-level generators of renewable energy. Indeed carbon dioxide has a whole planet's atmosphere to occupy. So the greater dispersion and localisation of the technologies drawing it out of the air, the better."

Ban all gas boilers from 2025 to reach net-zero, May 18 [3]

Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities. That's the beauty of "active travel", Apr 30 [4] ...Sustainable transport news

  • Floating solar farms could cool down lakes threatened by climate change, The Conversation (Apr 13, 2021)

The ambivalence of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin takes so much energy to maintain…yet a "carboncoin" could pay us to save the planet, Apr 5 [5]

How can cities that rely on consumption recover from the pandemic, while reducing emissions? Here's some good ideas. Mar 24 [6] ...Manchester

2020[edit | edit source]

Rewild to mitigate the climate crisis, urge leading scientists, Oct 14 [7]

Missing in action: natural climate solutions in England's national parks, Sep 29 [8] ...Climate change solutions UK

Planting Trees Won't Save the World, By Erle C. Ellis, Mark Maslin and Simon Lewis. The authors are scientists. Feb 12 [9]


Holland's Sea Ranger Service hugely sequestrates carbon. But it also socially benefits many: the unemployed, veterans, port workers, Feb 7 [10]

I pioneered the four-day week – now policymakers must adopt it to fight the climate crisis, Andrew Barnes, Jan 29 [11]

A European tour of climate solutions [12]

Make Australia green again, Jan 8 [13]

Germany cuts fares for long-distance rail travel in response to climate crisis, Jan 2 [14]

2019[edit | edit source]

The Key to Solving the Climate Crisis Is Beneath Our Feet, Dec 26 [15] ...Climate action USA

Agave Power: How a Revolutionary Agroforestry and Grazing System in Mexico Can Help Reverse Global Warming, Dec 18 [16]

Self-authoring and self-transforming communities should be our goal. But new citizens need personal development, too. Nov 20 [17] ...Climate change solutions UK

Is #GE2019 really going to become the "climate election"? The polls suggest that parties could make it so. Nov 13 [18] ...Climate change solutions UK

Technology will not save us from climate change – but imagining new forms of society will, Oct 28 [19]

Cross-sector 'third spaces' incubate social, climate solutions, Oct 9 [20]

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