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In 2020 planning permission was granted for a new university, ARU Peterborough, which will be based on Bishops Road, a five minute walk from the City Centre. It will be an employment focused university run by Anglia Ruskin University with four faculties: Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Creative and Digital Arts and Sciences; Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability; Health and Education. The new university is expected to take its first cohort of approximately 2,000 students by 2022, rising to 12,500 by 2028. ARU Peterborough is not expected to receive its degree awarding powers before 2030 when a review will take place to determine its future as part of Anglia Ruskin University or whether it should become its own entity. W

Peterborough ( PEE-tər-bər-ə, -⁠burr-ə) is a cathedral city in the City of Peterborough district of Cambridgeshire, England. The city and its surroundings, the Soke of Peterborough, had an independent county council between 1889 and 1965. It formed part of the short-lived Huntingdon and Peterborough between 1965 and 1974. Before 1889, it was a liberty of Northamptonshire.

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In 1994, Peterborough was designated one of four environment cities in the UK and began working to become the country's acknowledged environment capital. Peterborough Environment City Trust, an independent charity, was set up at the same time to work towards this goal, delivering projects promoting healthier and sustainable living in the city. The council and regional development agency have taken advice on regeneration issues from a number of internationally recognised experts, including Benjamin Barber (formerly an adviser to President Bill Clinton), Jan Gustav Strandenaes (United Nations adviser on environmental issues) and Patama Roorakwit (a Thai "community architect"). W

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The Green Wheel is an 80-kilometre (50 mi) network of cycleways, footpaths and bridleways in Peterborough, England. Designed as part of a sustainable transport system for the city, it was created as part of a project by the Millennium Commission.

The name Green Wheel alludes to the circular nature of the major part of the path, which encircles Peterborough, with cycle route "spokes" leading from this perimeter, which passes through several peripheral settlements around Peterborough, into the city centre, allowing easy transport around the network, much of which required no new construction, instead using or improving already existing cycle routes or roads. The only major new construction for the project was that of a curved cycle bridge over the River Nene near Whittlesey, from where the path can be accessed northwards towards Flag Fen, into the city centre or southwards towards the Ortons. The network is fully signposted. As well as this, three circular pipe tunnels were constructed near Etton village in order to allow the Green Wheel route to pass underneath the A15.

The project also encourages recreational use and has created a sculpture trail, which provides functional, landscape artworks along the Green Wheel route and a ‘Living Landmarks’ project involving the local community in the creation of local landscape features such as mini woodlands, ponds and hedgerows.

The project cost £11 million and was 50% funded by the National Lottery through the Millennium Commission and has also been the winner of many awards including a RIBA award for Architecture in 2003.

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August 13 Peterborough Environment City Trust Green Festival


September 19 - 20 Harvest Festival

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