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Amsterdam ( AM-stər-dam, UK also AM-stər-DAM, Dutch: [ˌɑmstərˈdɑm] (listen)) is the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands; with a population of 872,680 within the city proper, 1,558,755 in the urban area and 2,480,394 in the metropolitan area. Found within the province of North Holland, Amsterdam is colloquially referred to as the "Venice of the North", due to the large number of canals which form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Environment quality[edit | edit source]

ClairCity, Eu project about air pollution and CO2 emissions in cities, putting the power in the hands of residents to determine the best local solutions.

Cycling activism[edit | edit source]

More video: Amsterdam bike ride on a sunny day

Yellow Backie

wikipedia:Cycling in Amsterdam: Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly capital city in the world. In Amsterdam, over 60% of trips are made by bike in the inner city and 38% of trips are made by bike overall in the greater city area. Though to people outside of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is considered one of most famous and important centres of bicycle culture worldwide, in contrast to other, smaller Dutch cities, Amsterdam is actually not at the top in terms of bike-friendliness. For instance, Amsterdam is not on the short-list for the Fietsstad 2014 (BikeCity 2014) awards, announced by the Dutch Fietsersbond (Cyclists' Union). The cities of The Hague, Eindhoven and Almere are on this list for 2014 while the Netherlands' most bicycle-friendly city of Groningen won the award back in 2001.

Food activism[edit | edit source]

Sharing[edit | edit source]

Amsterdam sharing city

Amsterdam sharing city, (date not found)

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Video[edit | edit source]

News and comment[edit | edit source]


Amsterdam becomes first city in the world to ban this type of advert, May 20 [1]


Amsterdam to embrace 'doughnut' model to mend post-coronavirus economy, Apr 8 [2]


The Amsterdam City Doughnut: Kate Raworth's model of a circular, carbon-neutral economy applied to the 'Dam, Jun 20 [3]

Amsterdam’s Removing 10,000 Parking Spaces: See what’s possible!
Authors: Streetfilms, Jun 3, 2019

A Modest Proposal to Eliminate 11,000 Urban Parking Spots, Mar 29 [4]


First plastic-free aisle is an example for other supermarkets to follow, Feb 28 [5]


Amsterdam Mobilizes for a Clean, Prosperous Future, May [6]

Forget Uber, Amsterdam is showing how to use the sharing economy for good, Apr 18 [7]

Bike-Sharing Goes Electric In Amsterdam, Feb 20 [8]


Free coffee and half price bike repairs: Amsterdam rewards its recyclers, Dec 13 [9]

Amsterdam has created a free Airbnb for city-owned buildings, Dec 1 [10]

How Amsterdam is developing a collaborative economy that works for everyone, Nov 7 [11]

Bike jams and unwritten rules: a day with Amsterdam's new 'bicycle mayor', Aug 11 [12]

Amsterdam Is Appointing a Bike Mayor, Apr 26 [13]


Crowdsourced bicycle courier service in Amsterdam, May 19 [14]

Amsterdam buses to be all-electric by 2025, Apri 28 [15]

Amsterdam is Now Europe's First Named "Sharing City", February 2 [16]

Events[edit | edit source]


September 14 Amsterdam Solar Boat Parade


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Wikipedia: Amsterdam

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