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  • How refugees are helping Amsterdam become one of the first circular cities, (Jul 18, 2023)
  • Amsterdam’s floating eco-community is a model for modern living, (Jun 05, 2023)
  • Velotopia (meaning a paradise for bike-riders) is currently being built in Amsterdam, the Ruhr in Germany and South Korea, The Daily Alternative (Feb 08, 2023)

2021[edit | edit source]

Amsterdam becomes first city in the world to ban this type of advert, May 20[1]

2020[edit | edit source]

Amsterdam to embrace 'doughnut' model to mend post-coronavirus economy, Apr 8[2]

2019[edit | edit source]

The Amsterdam City Doughnut: Kate Raworth's model of a circular, carbon-neutral economy applied to the 'Dam, Jun 20[3]

Amsterdam's Removing 10,000 Parking Spaces: See what's possible!
Authors: Streetfilms, Jun 3, 2019

A Modest Proposal to Eliminate 11,000 Urban Parking Spots, Mar 29[4]

2018[edit | edit source]

First plastic-free aisle is an example for other supermarkets to follow, Feb 28[5]

2017[edit | edit source]

Amsterdam Mobilizes for a Clean, Prosperous Future, May[6]

Forget Uber, Amsterdam is showing how to use the sharing economy for good, Apr 18[7]

Bike-Sharing Goes Electric In Amsterdam, Feb 20[8]

2016[edit | edit source]

Free coffee and half price bike repairs: Amsterdam rewards its recyclers, Dec 13[9]

Amsterdam has created a free Airbnb for city-owned buildings, Dec 1[10]

How Amsterdam is developing a collaborative economy that works for everyone, Nov 7[11]

Bike jams and unwritten rules: a day with Amsterdam's new 'bicycle mayor', Aug 11[12]

Amsterdam Is Appointing a Bike Mayor, Apr 26[13]

2015[edit | edit source]

Crowdsourced bicycle courier service in Amsterdam, May 19[14]

Amsterdam buses to be all-electric by 2025, Apri 28[15]

Amsterdam is Now Europe's First Named "Sharing City", February 2[16]

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