CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Community resources and is for news and comment in that global or international context.
  • ‘It’s a beautiful thing’: how one Paris district rediscovered conviviality, The Guardian (Jul 14, 2022) — It started with an organised ‘bonjour’. Now the ‘republic of good neighbours’ say they want to reclaim the streets
  • Costa Rica’s Los Higuerones coop is a perfect example of what a CAN looks like - combining economy, relationship and conviviality, The Daily Alternative (Mar 21, 2022)
  • What do we mean by public luxury? Glorious spaces that people can use and enjoy freely, cutting consumption and increasing connection, The Alternative UK (Jan 28, 2022)

2021[edit | edit source]

Cities should be for experiment - Hamburg putting digitality at the service of citizens, Oct 4 [1] ...Germany news

2020[edit | edit source]

Tomorrow Today Streets, Creating essential micro-infrastructure for post Covid 19 neighbourhoods, TessyBritton, May 30 [2] ... Barking and Dagenham

Who can be trusted to develop us? Yes, we the people. But local Trusts have been strengthening communities for decades. Covid-19 shows it's their time, May 10 [3] ...Community resources UK

Canada’s libraries step up to help vulnerable people during pandemic, Apr 22 [4]

We don’t need institutes, we need constitutes… and they should live in a Makar House, Pat Kane, Mar 16 [5] ...Scotland news

2019[edit | edit source]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Library of Things is helping UK go zero waste, Nov 29 [6] ...Community resources UK

Cross-sector ‘third spaces’ incubate social, climate solutions, Oct 9 [7]

"Play Out Til Tea" is a great Birmingham Impact Hub idea - but their "neighbourhood of the future" is even better, Jul 21 [8]

The library of things: could borrowing everything from drills to disco balls cut waste and save money? Apr 24 [9] ...Oxfordshire

2018[edit | edit source]

Empowering Canada's Indigenous communities through coworking, Nov 12 [10]

Ballard Farmers' Market - vegetables.jpg

Strengthening and protecting what matters most by @CassieRobinson, Nov 2 [11] ...Commons

Creating the everyday commons: The need to consider space in sharing initiatives, Nov 1 [12]

If our every click boosts the profits of Big Tech, how should the people and communities benefit? UBI? UBA? Small Tech? Oct 19 [13] ...Towards sustainable economies news

The Common Room — designing a future for all ages, Oct 2 [14] ...Social inclusion UK

Why 'Social Infrastructure' Is the Key to Renewing Civil Society, Sep 11 [15] ...United States

To Restore Civil Society, Start With the Library, Sep 8 [16]

Britain’s shared spaces are vanishing, leaving us a nation of cliques, John Harris, Sep 4 [17] ...Community resources UK

Fab Labs supports local entrepreneurship with open-source and peer-to-peer production, Feb 8 [18]

Why Smart City London should be a #NetworkedCity: participatory, sharing, inclusive and accessible, Feb 9 [19]

In Vancouver, Shipping Containers are the New Tool Libraries, Jan 10 [20]

2017[edit | edit source]

Tramway de barcelone 1.jpg

Inside Fab Lab Barcelona and the IAAC: 3D printing for the people, Oct 5 [21]

8 Lessons from the Second Annual International Lending Library Symposium, Jun 27 [22]

Craftsman donates his tools - and himself, Apr 23 Minnesota

5 reasons why there's more to coworking spaces than just work, Apr 5 [23]

Cities Are Driving a Public Library Boom in Australia, Apr 4 [24]

5 Coworking Spaces and Business Incubators in Libraries That Support Local Workers, Apr 3 [25]

Quebec's Vacant Church Buildings Resurrected as Community Spaces, Mar 14 [26]

Little Free Library Launches 'Action Book Club' to Inspire Community Service, Mar 2 [27]

Why Nonpartisan PAC EveryLibrary Defends the Future of Libraries, Feb 30 [28] ...US news

The original heart of Memphis, Feb 17 [29] ...Tennessee

How to Welcome and Engage People in Community Spaces, Jan 10 [30]

2016[edit | edit source]

Patterns of Commoning: A Journey Through Time to the Irrigation System in Valais, Switzerland, Dec 16 [31]

How Libraries are Boldly Innovating to Meet the Needs of Changing Communities, Nov 16 [32]

Habibi.Works is a FabLab equipped with all the tools for people to unfold their potential and hone their abilities, Oct 31 [33]

Building Community Resilience from the Ground Up, Nov 10 [34]

“Introducing the Global Atlas of Innovation Spaces” by Ananse Group, Oct 7 [35]

Creative Commons' Radical Plan to Bring Joy to the Commons, Mar 23 [36]

2015[edit | edit source]

“Makerspace: Towards a New Civic Infrastructure,” Will Holman, November [37]

Doing more together, together: seeding a Collaborative Technology Alliance, November 24 [38]

Imagining the (R)Urban Commons in 2040, November 12, von Silke Helfrich [39]

Why hardware needs to go open source, October 17 [40]

2014[edit | edit source]


How a New Dutch Library Smashed Attendance Records, Jul 21 [41]

2013[edit | edit source]

Libraries and community engagement, Jan 25 [42]

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