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This article focuses on information specific to Ecuador community action. Please see our CASwiki resources page for an overview.

Ecovillages[edit | edit source]

Authors: Mofwoofoo, Jul 26, 2022
Regenerative Agriculture at Chambalabamba
Authors: Utopia Cornucopia, May 11, 2020

Community resources[edit | edit source]

Authors: Natura Futura Arquitectura, Sep 3, 2022

Visions[edit | edit source]

Amazonía 2041: A Vision From the Future
Authors: Cuencas Sagradas, Nov 5, 2021

Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, added 16:45, 22 March 2022 (UTC)

Maps[edit | edit source]

Organisations working with communities[edit | edit source]

Acción Ecológica is one of the main environmental organizations in Ecuador. It is based in Quito.

It campaigns on a range of issues including oil extraction, exploration and pipeline transport, Amazon rainforest protection, food sovereignty, biofuels and plantations for carbon offsets.

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