Noisebridge Hackerspace. Image by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.

A makerspace (also known as a hackerspace, hackspace, hacklab, or creative space) is a community operated place where people can work on projects. These projects benefit from sharing tools, space and the cross-fertilization of ideas.

Makerspaces Worldwide[edit | edit source] has a very complete, community maintained, listing of makerspaces. has a listing of UK based makerspaces. Some examples from Wikipedia:Hackerspace include:

  • BucketworksW in Milwaukee
  • c-baseW in Berlin
  • The Cowtown Computer CongressW in Kansas City
  • KiberpipaW in Ljubljana
  • HacDCW in Washington, DC[1]
  • Hacker DojoW in Mountain View
  • MetalabW in Vienna
  • NoisebridgeW in San Francisco[2]
  • NYC ResistorW in New York City
  • Pumping Station OneW in Chicago
  • TOG (hackerspace)W in Dublin[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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