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Keywords Sustainable community action
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
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Published 2015
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News and comment[edit | edit source]

  • If the UK assumed a "fair carbon budget", net zero by 2050 would bust it completely. We have to go “down the slide”, Oct 13 [2] ...UK Climate news 2021
  • The UK is one of the world's most nature-depleted countries - in the bottom 10% globally and last among the G7 group of nations, Oct 10 [4] ...Biodiversity UK news
  • Heat in Buildings Strategy sets out the pathway for cutting greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland's homes and buildings – which currently account for about a fifth of Scotland’s emissions - by more than two thirds by 2030. It will require over a million homes and the equivalent of 50,000 non-domestic buildings to convert to zero emissions heat by 2030. Oct 7 [5]

Introducing the Devon Doughnut
Author: Bioregional TV, Feb 25, 2021

Devon community action

Coming up[edit | edit source]

Oct 17 - 24 One World Week, 2021: Sun-Sun One World Week
Nov 15 - 21 Living Wage Week, 2021: Mon-Sun
Nov 15 - 21 Road Safety Week, 2021: Mon-Sun Road Safety Week, Brake / Road safety UK
Nov 27 - Dec 5 - National Tree Week, 2021, Sat-Sun
Jan 28 - 30 Big Garden Birdwatch, 2022, Fri-Sun

Get involved[edit | edit source]

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New articles[edit | edit source]

Climate action resources UK - Ecological restoration UK - Climate emergency centres - Community research UK
Latest news articles: Community resources UK news - Urban sustainability UK news - Biodiversity UK news
Latest local articles: Resources Manchester - Kent community action resources - Oxford - Stoke-on-Trent - Leeds

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About CASwiki[edit | edit source]


Community action for sustainability, or CASwiki, is information and knowledge sharing, but with a focus on what might be useful to community groups and active citizens. You can help. What can we do to make our communities more sustainable and in support of environmental, social and economic wellbeing?

"Only We CAN imagine and build the future that works for us all." [6]

Why grow CASwiki?

CASwiki aims to help link up community and citizen action for sustainability worldwide. Concerned citizens or community action groups of all kinds shouldn't need to feel alone or disconnected.

Knowledge sharing can help! It can help with finding contacts, making connections and networking. As well as information about places, CASwiki shares information and knowledge about many Community action for sustainability topics and Resources to help action.

Citizens should be able to influence decisions which affect the places and communities in which they live, work and visit. "... it was notable that the idea that having ‘agency’ (a sense of control over what happens in your local area), is a significant factor in people’s sense of wellbeing." [7]


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