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  • The tallest wind-turbine in England, built by a community network full of agency, in one of Bristol's most deprived areas, The Daily Alternative (Apr 23, 2022)
  • How Stroud council is encouraging renewables in its Local Plan, (Mar 09, 2022)
  • Who owns Britain’s underground heat? Answering this could help slash energy bills and carbon emissions, The Conversation (Feb 16, 2022)
  • A startling UK map showing how much we use land for animal agriculture - and how much solar is crowded out, The Alternative UK (Jan 24, 2022)

2021[edit | edit source]

As COP visits Scotland, some are speaking out about how the people’s ownership of renewable energy could be much better, Nov 7 [1]

A people-powered legacy: community hydro on the River Thames, Oct 26 [2] ...Berkshire community action

2020[edit | edit source]

Community-generated green electricity to be offered to all in UK. [3] Jan 12

2019[edit | edit source]

Princes Street Gardens.jpg

When a renewable energy revolution meets the landscapes of Orkney, the result is quite beautiful. [4] Sep 2 ...Scotland news

How Orkney leads the way for sustainable energy. [5] Jan 20 ...Scotland news

Dutch eco initiative halves energy bills in first UK homes, Jan 7 [6]

2017[edit | edit source]

An energy system vision for a community energy-led future? Dec 1 [7]

This firm is launching the UK's first energy trading community in Hackney, Nov 22 [8]

London gets 'first not-for-profit energy provider in more than 100 years', Oct 18 [9] ...Islington

New solar community energy fund launched, Oct 13 [10] ...London news

Scotland to set up publicly-owned, not-for-profit renewable energy company, Oct 11 [11]

£1 billion solar programme for social housing tenants was launched in England and Wales, Sep 4 [12]

Mongoose Energy completes community energy deal to power 4,500 homes in England, Aug 7 [13] “By the community sector working with the private sector you will see more of it (battery storage) very soon,” Emma Bridge, Community Energy England [14]

“5 Community Energy Projects You Should Know”, Jul 6 by @TheCCoalition [15]


Europe's largest community battery to be installed at Nottingham development, Jun 29 [16] ...East Midlands

Local energy firms power 130,000 homes - the power of your community revealed, Jun 20 [17]

Pioneering community energy storage project in Nottingham connects its first household battery storage system to the grid, May 11 [18] ...East Midlands

Smart energy project to run Isles of Scilly on renewables, storage and EVs, Mar 15 [19]

Stirling Council celebrates 1,500th solar install as battery storage pilot commences, Mar 3 [20] ...Scotland news

2016[edit | edit source]

'Green gas' plants that use grass proposed for fracking sites by leading renewable energy company, Dec 8 [21]

New consultation tool lets communities take lead in planning their own low carbon future, Nov 30 [22]

Let the people lighten energy load with citizen-owned schemes, Nov 29 [23]

Community solar can save money, save the planet, and build social capital, all at the same time, Mar 16 [24]

Good Energy promises UK's first subsidy-free windfarm, Mar 2 [25]

UK now has more than 1m solar homes, Feb 25 [26]

2015[edit | edit source]

The rise of community energy, November 27 [27]

Energy co-ops: why the UK has nothing on Germany and Denmark, October 2 [28]

Inspiration for community energy projects, September 2 [29]

Energy: the future is renewable and distributed, August 24 [30]

Renewables Share Of UK Electricity Generation Hits Record In Q1'15, August 17 [31]

A Quiet Energy Revolution - 5,000 community energy groups active in the UK, June 4 [32]

2014[edit | edit source]

You might not realise this but support for onshore wind has risen to a new high, April 29 [33]

Off-grid living: it's time to take back the power from the energy companies, Apr 11 [34]

Community energy schemes: what's holding local people back? March 3 [35]

UK Government's Community Energy Strategy unveiled! January 27 [36]

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News, Microgen Scotland

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