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Localism UK

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This article focuses on information specific to the United Kingdom. Please see our Localism page for a topic overview.


Local Works Campaigning to implement the Sustainable Communities Act



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DCLG Community Rights

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Sep 15 This Really Is From The Grassroots Up [1]

May 5 Don’t look to national politics for hope: you’ll find it thriving in local councils, John Harris [2]



Dec 20 Urban sustainability UK: Timpson says a locally-driven approach needed to rejuvenate high streets. Retail industry experts have called for a community-focused approach to tackling the challenges facing high streets and town centres. Dec 20 [3]

Oban harbour1.jpg

Scotland: Lesley Riddoch on the "power of local" - communities taking control in their own way, Nov 10 [4]

One way to challenge the preeminence of big banks is to build a small one. The story of Avon Mutual. Oct 30 [5]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Oct 27 Towards sustainable economies UK: Citizen-led Economic Transition – a four point framework for guiding action [6]


Forget nimbys. Yimby housing policy can transform the UK – with the political will, Aug 11 [7]

Totnes High Street.jpg

“I’m welling up just talking about it”: the marvel of Totnes LEF6, May 16 [8]


Kent: Shop local – you can’t afford not to, May 3 [9]

Totnes High Street.jpg

Totnes: How ‘Grown in Totnes’ are reimagining the local food economy, May 2 [10]


There's no economy without community, September 24 [11]

CLES Manifesto for Local Economies charts a more socially just future, March 17 [12]


New support launched to help communities save local pub as a co-operative, November 11 [13]


Mary Portas and the Golden Tickets of Dorking, November 7 [14]

Do our local systems need a complete overhaul to enable Open and Creative Citizenship? August 24 [15]

Local Economic Blueprint highlights potential of community resilience, March 28 [16]



Totnes High Street.jpg

July, Independent Retailer Month
global "Shop Local" campaign

July 4 Independents’ Day

People at Borough Market.jpg

May 14 - 28 Love your local market

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  • Community Savings Bank Association, exists to rebuild a network of independent, local banks in the UK, owned by and answerable to their customers.
  • Local United, diffusing practical initiatives in response to climate change and peak oil. Membership association of existing and aspiring social entrepreneurs.
  • Civic Systems Lab, Seeding a local civic economy in the UK and around the world 00
  • Make Works, factory finders, on a mission to make local manufacturing accessible and inspiring. Think of it like a public library. An open resource that lets you discover the relevant skilled people, places, tools and materials that allow you to manufacture, make or repair in your local area.
  • REconomy Project, part of the Transition Network
  • Totally Locally Ltd
  • Civic Manifesto: Localism for Real, Civic Voice W
  • Common Ground, United Kingdom charity and lobby group. Common Ground aims to promote "local distinctiveness" W


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