Brightly coloured bins. February 2013. Attribution: Rose and Trev Clough

This article focuses on information specific to the United Kingdom. Please see our Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle page for a topic overview.

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • Recipro, helps community and charity projects looking for building materials
  • Reuse It Yourself, information on setting up a building material reuse enterprise
  • Reuseful UK, charity that promotes and supports creative reuse
  • How to Set Up a Repair Event in Your Community, July 2015 Make Do And Mend
  • How to...Organise a Swish! August 2015 Make Do And Mend

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Map of Potential, Existing and Prevented Incinerators, United Kingdom Without Incineration Network

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Record-Breaking Day of Repairs Proves Good for Wellbeing. [1] Feb 27


Cornmarket St, Oxford.jpg

The library of things: could borrowing everything from drills to disco balls cut waste and save money? [2]Apr 24 ...Oxfordshire

'Right to repair' gathers force. [3] Jan 9 ...Climate news 2019

Going plastic-free: The rise of zero-waste shops. [4] Jan 5 ...Wales news


Totnes High Street.jpg

ShareFest brings people together to share, repair, swap and make. [5] Dec 7 ...Totnes


Make supermarkets and drinks firms pay for plastic recycling, say MPs, Dec 22 [6]

Edinburgh Farmers' Market -

Every town needs a remakery, Mar 15 [7] ...Edinburgh

Wales recycling efforts shine on the world stage, Mar 13 [8]

How Farnham UK’s Repair Café Takes a Bite Out of Waste, Feb 23 [9] ...Surrey


UK consumes far less than a decade ago, according to official government figures. Feb 29 [10]


Repair and Re-use Resources, September 10 [11]

Where to Learn Really Re-Useful Skills, September 8 [12]

The Journey of Setting up a Reuse and Repair Centre – a solution for a circular economy, January 16 [13]


The rise of mending: how Britain learned to repair clothes again, May 19 [14]

Events[edit | edit source]


September 7 - 13 Zero Waste Week

May 3 - 9 International Compost Awareness Week

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Wikipedia: Recycling in the United Kingdom

  • Freegle, British organisation that aims to increase reuse and reduce landfill by offering an Internet-based service where people can give away and ask for things that would otherwise be thrown away. It is free to use and works in a similar way to the international Freecycle. W
  • Freeworld-Recycling, an organisation dedicated to 100% free & local community recycling, salvage and reuse of household items
  • The Restart Project, London-based social enterprise aiming to revive electronics repair in order to reduce waste
  • Waste Watch, non-profit, sustainability organisation based in the UK, inspiring people to live more and waste less. Waste Watch aims to improve well-being and the environment on a local and global level, by changing the way we live; such as the ways we produce, buy, use and dispose of things. The organisation primarily works with community groups, businesses, schools and other not-for-profit organisations. W

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