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  • Britain is boiling – and the government wants to dramatically expand UK aviation, The Guardian (Jul 19, 2022) — Its ‘jet zero’ strategy relies on the invention of pie in the sky technologies to tackle dangerous airline emissions
  • The UK’s first community-run shopping centre will have an “indie feel”- carefully curating their shops, and hosting creatives above, The Daily Alternative (Jun 02, 2022)

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Citizens data initiative[edit | edit source]

  • Ranking UK supermarkets on pesticides, 2021,, added 14:56, 4 February 2022 (UTC)

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Carbon labels for food and drink are coming. Will they make a difference? Sep 28[1]

The activist entrepreneurs running zero-waste shops, Aug 6[2]


Rail and sail: how to book the perfect holiday – without any flying.[3] Jan 27


Going plastic-free: The rise of zero-waste shops.[4] Jan 5...Wales news


London's first eco-friendly, human-powered gym is opening, Mar 19[5]

First plastic-free aisle is an example for other supermarkets to follow, Feb 28..[6].Amsterdam

Mum's war on plastic waste, Jan 25..[7].Kent news

The plastic-free stores showing the big brands how to do it, Jan 17[8]

Nearly 1m tonnes every year: supermarkets shamed for plastic packaging, Jan 17[9]

May's plastic plan is big on gimmicks, but it won't cut waste, George Monbiot, Jan 11[10]


Shoppers dreaming of a green Christmas as ethical sales boom, Dec 15[11]

Six simple ways to cut back on plastic, Dec 11[12]

How to give the gift of FUN, Nov 29[13]

Catbells Northern Ascent, Lake District - June 2009.jpg

Campaign for Chester to become 'straw free' city, Nov 21..[14].North West England

High-street outlets move to ditch plastic amid environmental concerns, Oct 16[15]

Supermarkets must stop using plastic packaging, says former Asda boss, Oct 12[16]

Community gardens -

We Went To London's First Zero Waste Shop And This Is What We Found, Sep 13..[17].Hackney

Earth.Food.Love Puts UK On Map Of Zero-Waste Grocery Stores, May 30[18]

Pressure mounts on UK supermarkets to create plastic-free aisles, Feb 22[19]


Ethical vouchers that help an entrepreneur in the developing world, December 6[20]

LED lighting at home: your questions answered, February 26[21]

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Ethical Consumer

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September 13 Social Saturday, part of a campaign to boost the number of consumers buying from social enterprises

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Break The Bag Habit - Buy Social, boosting the number of consumers buying from social enterprises - Move Your Money

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  • Buy Nothing Day UK
  • Ethical Consumer, a not-for-profit UK magazine and website which publishes information on the social, ethical and environmental behaviour of companies and issues around trade justice and ethical consumerism. W
  • Fairtrade Foundation (UK)
  • listings from
  • Make Holidays Greener, The Travel Foundation. Consumer facing campaign aiming to help holidaymakers understand what 'green' or 'sustainable' holidays mean.
  • My Green Directory
  • Natural Death Centre
  • Social Enterprise Cafe Directory on
  • Tourism Concern, non-governmental organisation with charitable status, based in the United Kingdom, advocating ethical tourism. Its stated aims are 'to increase understanding of the impact of tourism on environments and host communities among governments, industry, civil society and tourists; and to promote tourism development that is sustainable, just and participatory, and which is founded on a respect for human rights'. W

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