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This article focuses on information specific to the United Kingdom. Please see our Urban sustainability page for a topic overview.


  • Empty Homes, works to help people create homes from empty properties and campaigns for more empty homes to be brought into use for the benefit of those in housing need. W

Neighbourhood Planning[edit]

Since 2012, (and as of Sep 2017) over 2,200 groups have started the neighbourhood planning process, covering areas of nearly 12 million people across England. Over 400 successful neighbourhood planning referendums have now taken place, with an average ‘yes’ vote of 88%. [1]

Rainwater harvesting[edit]

UK homes using some form of rainwater harvesting system can reduce their mains water usage by 50% or more. W


Book reviews[edit]

'How to Save Town Centres' by Julian Dobson. Transition Network, March 31, 2015

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Other resources[edit]

  • Susdrain, Free interactive community supporting the delivery of sustainable drainage (managed by CIRIA) W
  • Ten simple ways to make your street a safe and green place to live,


more video:

Invest in Green Infrastructure on youtube

3Space - Turning Empty Space into an Opportunity on youtube

News and comment[edit]



May 8 Cambridgeshire: Marmalade Lane: the car-free, triple-glazed, 42-house oasis [2]

Urban co-design for better wellbeing and health: Healthy New Town, Jan 9 [3]


Jan 4 London news: Cars, lorries and taxis to be banned from Tottenham Court Road, Jan 4 [4]


Timpson says a locally-driven approach needed to rejuvenate high streets. Retail industry experts have called for a community-focused approach to tackling the challenges facing high streets and town centres. Dec 20 [5]

The government-appointed panel made up representatives from the retail, property and design sectors has published practical recommendations to reinvigorate town centres by creating a community hub which, alongside retail, includes leisure and social services and more residential property.
The report puts community involvement and local leadership at the centre of a plan to create the town centres of the future.

Create Streets say: We don't want NIMBYs, but YIMBYs and BIMBYs (Y for "Yes", B for "Beautiful"), Oct 15 [6]

Government faces court action over 'illegal' planning policy, Sep 4 [7]

Cornmarket St, Oxford.jpg

Oxfordshire: This disastrous new project will change the face of Britain, yet no debate is allowed, George Monbiot, Aug 22 [8]

Government commits to further support for neighbourhood planning, Mar 19 [9]


Kent: We could build more than a million homes on brownfield land… so why aren’t we? Feb 28 [10]

People-powered housing: is it the answer to our housing crisis? Feb 23 [11]


Haringey from Alexandra Palace.jpg

Haringey: Community group builds plans for genuinely affordable housing, Nov 2 [12]

Funding of around £5.5 million per year until 2022, to provide communities with specialist support to help develop a Neighbourhood Plan, Sep 20 [13]


Southwark: Borough Market to phase out plastic bottle sales with free fountains, Aug 23 [14]


London news: The @MayorofLondon is aiming to make London one of the greenest cities on Earth, Aug 21 [15]

Are you currently preparing a neighbourhood plan? Could community-led housing meet the needs of your area? Jul 24 [16]


Putting people in control of public land, Nov 2 [17]

Peers vote for new neighbourhood right of appeal, Apr 22 [18]

Neighbourhood Planning and Transition initiatives: an update. February 5 [19]

Community-led housing: top of the agenda! Jan 20 [20]


It’s in all our interests to know who owns our land, and who benefits from it, September 28 [21]

Charity Sustrans unveil new modular street furniture system, September 21 [22]

Five Radical Ideas for a Better Planning System, April [23]

Atmos Totnes and the Power to Convene, January 22 [24]


Our month on rethinking real estate: Why I’m proud to be a SWIMBY, October 2 [25]

Why I'm not a planner, nor proud of planning, May 23 [26]


A Right to Build: Local homes for local people, March 14 [27]

New alliance calls for “Smart Growth” investment in cities, not more 1980s-style sprawl, February 21 [28]

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Wikipedia: Rainwater harvesting in the United Kingdom, Town and country planning in the United Kingdom (category)

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  • BuildHUB, social network aimed at the self-build community


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