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Community action projects[edit | edit source]

Climate emergency centres[edit | edit source]

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Climate emergency centres are about a coming together and building of relationships in a common space, sharing resources, skills and ideas to build community resilience and adaption to multiple social and environmental crises.

Library of things[edit | edit source]

Library of Things: A local neighbourhood activator
Authors: Library of Things, Mar 21, 2019

Library of Things is a women-led circular economy start-up affordably renting out useful items like drills, sound systems and sewing machines from high street hubs like libraries. Having developed the service in London since 2016, we are now working with local authorities, businesses and communities to bring borrowing to every neighbourhood that wants it. This is all part of fulfilling our mission to make borrowing better than buying – for individuals, communities and the planet.[1]

News and comment


2021: Year in Review, Library of Things, Dec 16[2]

Networks[edit | edit source]

Community Matters, nationwide federation of community organizations

Community Media Association, UK membership association for community broadcasting. The CMA is a non-profit making organisation, supporting Community Radio, Television and community-based Internet projects. W

Community Land Trust Network

Seeds For Change, network of non-profit training and support co-operatives which help people organise for action and positive social change. "We concentrate on working with grassroots environmental and social justice activists to help increase their effectiveness in campaigning and bringing about lasting positive change." Briefings and guides are @nti-copyright. "Please feel free to copy, adapt and distribute them as long as the final work remains @nti-copyright."

Funding[edit | edit source]

  • Community Ownership Fund, Policy paper, Mar 3[3] From summer 2021 community groups will be able to bid for up to £250,000 matched-funding to help them buy or take over local community assets at risk of being lost, to run as community-owned businesses. The first bidding round for the Community Ownership Fund will open by June 2021.

Community Shares

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"One day soon, our high streets, parks, libraries, housing hubs, train stations, and cafes will become spaces for us to meet, repair, make, borrow, lend, grow, bake, reflect, care, and eat together." Rebecca Trevalyan FRSA[4]

"Most people participate in their communities not as part of organised groups, but in doing acts of kindness" Professor Carolyn Kagan, Professor of Community Social Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Deana’s story - Building community in Coalville
Authors: We're Right Here, March 10, 2022

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