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  • A major trial of a 4-day week (on same pay) sees "vast majority" of organisations extending or making it permanent, The Daily Alternative (Feb 14, 2023)

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  • Work Is Neighbourhood Business, Authors: Simon Duffy and Caroline Richardson, "...the authors argue that basic income provides us with an opportunity to treat work and career development as a natural function of communities and neighbourhoods." 18.07.22, added 16:55, 28 July 2022 (UTC)
  • Sustainable income standards: Towards a greener minimum? Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Donald Hirsch et al., December 2011
  • Co-production by people outside paid employment, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Findings, June 2006
  • The Work Foundation, not-for-profit organisation involved in research, some of which may concern aspects of sustainable livelihood, eg quality of working life, low carbon jobs, etc. W

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Sustainable livelihood UK and the climate emergency[edit | edit source]

A report commissioned by the 4 Day Week campaign from Platform London, and published in May 2021, found that shifting to a four-day working week without loss of pay could shrink the UK's carbon footprint by 127 million tonnes per year by 2025. This represents a reduction of 21.3%, and is more than the entire carbon footprint of Switzerland....[1]

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Allow people who make a living from the land to live where they work.

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Work-life balance

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  1. Stop the clock, The environmental benefits of a shorter working week, [1]

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