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2021[edit | edit source]

Survey reveals 8 out of 10 people support measures to reduce road traffic and two-thirds support reallocating road space for active travel.[1] Nov 13

"Making it easier for people to get about on foot and by bike is the single best investment that councils can make because it doesn't just address transport. Time and again, evidence shows that communities that prioritise cycling and walking enjoy major benefits – cleaner air, less congestion, improved health, and even a bigger average monthly spend at local shops and restaurants. Most importantly, it makes our streets happier places to be.
I wholeheartedly support the government's continued funding of this crucial work. The emphasis on more consultation is welcome too, so that we can ensure the best solutions are put in the right locations. If we get this right, many of these pop-up routes and low-traffic neighbourhoods will become a permanent and valued part of people's daily lives. The industrial revolution started in Great Britain; now we should lead the green revolution." Greater Manchester's Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman

2020[edit | edit source]


Cambridge's Dutch-style roundabout: Why all the fuss?[2] Sep 26

Government to urge us all to walk and cycle more.[3] May 9

Ten reasons now is a great time to start cycling.[4] May 8

2019[edit | edit source]

Cardiff Bay, Cardiff.jpg

First 'Cycleway' to be built in Cardiff.[5] Mar 12

Boardman shows path to break cycle of Manchester's car commuter hell, Tanya Aldred.[6] Jan 13

2018[edit | edit source]

Cycling keeps your immune system young, study finds, Mar 8.[7]


Here are the six new London cycle routes the mayor has just green lit, Jan 30.[8]

New push to make England's longest cycle tunnel a reality, Jan 1.[9]...Yorkshire and the Humber

2017[edit | edit source]

Bike lanes don't clog up our roads, they keep London moving, Dec 1.[10]

Bike Life 2017: Protected bike lanes will transform our cities, Nov 16.[11]

Three in four want more spending on cycle lanes in UK cities – survey, Nov 14.[12]

Walthamstow Marshes.JPG

How cargo bikes can help unclog London's congested roads, Nov 10.[13]...Waltham Forest

The city where children go to school in a plywood box, Oct 14.[14]...Cambridgeshire

oBike, Mobike, Ofo, Urbo: why are so many new cycle hire services launching in London? Sep 5[15]

How 80 forgotten 1930s cycleways could transform UK cycling, May 9[16]

The government just announced a gamechanger for cycling in England, Sam Jones, Apr 26[17]

Switching short journeys to bike can save Scots up to £2,000 per year, Apr 26[18]

Cyclists across Scotland turn out to demand better deal, Apr 22[19]

Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering, Apr 20[20]

How much could commuter cycling increase in your part of England? Apr 13[21]

2016[edit | edit source]

The incredible value of cycling and walking goes beyond economic benefits, Dec 15[22]

Leicester City Centre.jpg

Lessons from Leicester - how one city is making space for cycling, Nov[23]

Cycle lanes don't cause traffic jams: they're part of the solution, Oct 6[24]

2015[edit | edit source]

MPs want more spent on cycling, November 19[25]

Cyclehoop design and install the first on-street Parklet in the UK, August 21[26]

Cycling routes save Britain's economy £1m a day, Jun 30[27]

2014[edit | edit source]

Eliminate urban road congestion for good in the UK for £20bn - An open letter to the Department of Transport, Aug 8[28]

Copenhagen style celebration of bike life comes to UK, February 20[29]

2013[edit | edit source]

Cycling the Coast to Coast: a microadventure, March 5[30]

Cycling in Britain: government to get serious with all-party inquiry, January 20[31]

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