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Trees, woodland and forest UK

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Avenue of trees in St George's Park -
This article focuses on information specific to the United Kingdom. Please see our Trees, woodland and forest page for a topic overview.


The Charter for Trees, Woods and People

Save Our Woods

Community forests in England[edit]

England's twelve community forests are afforestation-based regeneration projects which were established in the early 1990s. Each of them is a partnership between the Forestry Commission and the Countryside Agency, which are agencies of the British government, and the relevant local councils.

Most of the designated areas are close to large cities and contain large amounts of brownfield, underused and derelict land. When the forests were created the average forest cover in the designated areas was 6.9%, and the target is to increase this to 30% over about 30 years. As most of the land is in private ownership the schemes rely mainly on providing landowners with incentives to plant trees. However the forests contain areas of publicly accessible open land, and increasing public access is one of the objectives. W



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Sep 25 Rewilding will make Britain a rainforest nation again, George Monbiot [1]

Apr 24 Is there a zebra in your community woodland? [2]


Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Dec 13 A new approach to Sheffield’s street trees, Dec 13 [3]

We need to bring back the wildwoods of Britain to fight climate change, Isabella Tree, Nov 26 [4]


Devon: Tree Trail aims to highlight village’s unique species, Jul 18 [5]

Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.jpg

Manchester: Urban trees breathe life into Salford street, May 17 [6]


200,000 trees to be planted to cut Calder Valley flood risk, Feb 24 [7]


How millions of trees brought a broken landscape back to life, Aug 7 [8]

Scientists use people power to find disease-resistant ash trees, May 15 [9]

Britain to go green with 64m trees to be planted in 10 years, May 1 [10]


Government backs planting of four million trees across UK, January 9 [11]



Trees -

November 28 - December 6 National Tree Week

Bluebells wood.jpg


Walk in the Woods


December 20 2014 - January 4 2015

Festival of Winter Walks

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