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  • News ‘A win for nature and those who love it’: the Dartmoor ruling – and why it matters, (Aug 04, 2023)
  • News Your favourite walk may have an expiry date, The Conversation (Apr 17, 2023)
  • News London to gain new garden in the sky, as the Camden Highline gets green light, (Jan 20, 2023) — Planning approval has been granted for the first section of the Camden Highline, running from Camden Gardens to Royal College Street. It will see the transformation of a section of disused railway into a new elevated urban park for London. The project is now set to offer much-needed green space to underserved communities, while creating a new global attraction for London, akin to New York’s High Line.

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Events[edit | edit source]

Safer Parks for women and girls
Authors: Green Flag Award
Date: May 10, 2023

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Plantlife Meadows hub, includes information about making and maintaining a meadow. added 15:43, 8 February 2022 (UTC)

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Green Pennant Award[edit | edit source]

The Green Flag Award itself is for public-run open spaces, but the same scheme runs an award for community/charity-run public spaces, such as Millennium Greens and Doorstep Greens called the Green Pennant Award. This scheme, started in 2002, has adapted the criteria for voluntary organizations.

Sites for a Green Pennant Award are judged against eight key criteria: W

  • A welcoming place
  • Healthy, safe and secure
  • Well maintained and clean
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Biodiversity and heritage
  • Community involvement
  • Achievement

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local information can be found, or shared, via our many UK location pages

External links[edit | edit source]

  • Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens
  • Fields in Trust, British charity which aims to protect and promote open spaces for sports and recreation in British cities and towns. W
  • Green Flag Award, benchmark national standard for parks and green spaces in the United Kingdom. The scheme is owned by the Government through the Department for Communities and Local Government, though it is managed by other agents under contract. W
  • Little Green Space
  • Open Spaces Society, campaign group that works to protect public rights of way and open spaces in the United Kingdom, such as common land and village greens. It is Britain's oldest national conservation body and a registered charity. W
  • Natural England, non-departmental public body of the UK government responsible for ensuring that England's natural environment, including its land, flora and fauna, freshwater and marine environments, geology and soils, are protected and improved. It also has a responsibility to help people enjoy, understand and access the natural environment. W
  • National Nature Service, added 15:45, 3 October 2020 (UTC)

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