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  • Costa Rica restored its ravaged land to health. The rich UK has no excuse for such complete failure, George Monbiot, The Guardian (Apr 21, 2023)

2022[edit | edit source]

  • Local Groups Celebrate Achievements In Community Land Week, Community Land Scotland (Oct 07, 2022)
  • We call for land strategy and new planning rules to guard food security, CPRE (Jul 20, 2022) — There’s been a hundred-fold increase in our best farmland lost to development in little more than a decade, new CPRE research has found. And 60% of our finest agricultural land is at risk of flooding. As a result, we’re telling government we need a land strategy and new planning rules to safeguard our food security
  • These Scottish villagers bought a nature reserve - now they are fundraising to double its size, (Jun 10, 2022)
  • If we use this website to identify our "Assets of Community Value", communities will exert more power over local land, The Alternative UK (Feb 19, 2022)
  • How community ownership can secure the UK’s food security through buying family farms, Stir to Action (Feb 03, 2022) — How a national crisis of family-owned farms presents an opportunity for a new generation of community owners

A startling UK map showing how much we use land for animal agriculture - and how much solar is crowded out, Jan 24, 2022...[1]

2021[edit | edit source]

The new enclosure: how land commissions can lead the fight against urban land-grabs, Dec 9...[2]

Just 124 people own most of England's deep peat – its largest carbon store, Nov 15[3]

"With land we can" - a story that can break our passive, resigned relationship to land, from Future Narratives Lab and Shared Assets, Sep 21[4]

2020[edit | edit source]

What would a "new land contract" for the UK—written from scratch with fairness in mind—actually look like? Can we do some of it straightaway?[5] "If we really want to prevent climate collapse, renew our society and build a successful, prosperous market economy, we will need to fix this obsolete right of extraction that is coded into the foundations of our soc…"  Jun 25

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