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  • Ammanford: Opencast coalmine plans rejected by council, BBC News (Sep 15, 2023)
  • Lords sink plan to axe homebuilding pollution rules, BBC news (Sep 14, 2023)
  • ‘Unacceptable’: how raw sewage has affected rivers in England and Wales – in maps, (Sep 12, 2023)
  • Clean air ‘a right not a privilege’, says London mayor as Ulez is expanded, (Aug 29, 2023)
  • Ministers accused of ‘environmental crime’ over South Downs oil drilling, (Aug 23, 2023)
  • High costs deterring legal challenges in England and Wales to protect environment, NGOs say, The Guardian (Jun 28, 2023)
  • Horse Hill oil - a legal challenge with real climate impact, (Jun 28, 2023)
  • At last, England’s dying rivers are an election issue – and the danger isn’t just sewage, George Monbiot, The Guardian (May 03, 2023)
  • Protesters urge caution over St Ives climate trial amid chemical plans for bay, The Guardian (Apr 17, 2023)
  • UK criticised for failing to join UN-backed river restoration scheme, (Mar 24, 2023)
  • The ‘bin-novative’ approach to rubbish that’s slashing beach litter, (Feb 16, 2023)

2022[edit | edit source]

  • If more houses had water butts, it could help with drought, flooding and water pollution, The Conversation (Nov 02, 2022)
  • Bradford clean air zone launches, BBC News (Sep 26, 2022)
  • Nearly 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging are thrown away by UK households every year, and just 12% recycled in the UK., The Big Plastic Count (Jul 12, 2022) — The Big Plastic Count has revealed that 88% our household waste is being burnt, buried and dumped overseas.
  • Majority of residents think Staveley Rd barrier is a success, (May 30, 2022)
  • Plastic pollution: European farmland could be largest global reservoir of microplastics, The Conversation (May 23, 2022)
  • Fracking: UK's only shale gas wells to be sealed and abandoned, BBC News (Feb 10, 2022)
  • 'Chemical cocktail’ polluting English rivers - MPs warn, BBC News (Jan 13, 2022)

2021[edit | edit source]

Funding work on pesticides: why now is the perfect time to take the plunge, Josie Cohen, PAN UK, September 23[1]

Half of all UK schools could readily roll out School Streets, report says, Jan 12[2]

Cross-party bloc of MPs back action on sewage discharge into rivers, Jan 9[3]

2020[edit | edit source]

Oxford council backs bid to stop water firm dumping sewage in Thames, Oct 9[4]

A ban on SUV ads could help create the happier cities we want, Nicola Round[5] Aug 21

The government is looking the other way while Britain's rivers die before our eyes, George Monbiot.[6] Aug 12

Sonic doom: how noise pollution kills thousands each year.[7] Jul 3...Environment quality news

Huge knowledge gap over health of soil.[8] Mar 16

With every flood, public anger over the climate crisis is surging, Gaby Hinsliff.[9] Feb 22

How we ended up paying farmers to flood our homes, George Monbiot.[10] Feb 18

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