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  • News Thames21 welcomes Government’s plan to ban plastic in wet wipes, (Apr 22, 2024)
  • News A radical British politics rooted in nature is spreading – and the establishment doesn’t like it. John Harris, (Apr 21, 2024)
  • News A final line of defence: combatting the slow, agonising death of the River Wye, (Feb 09, 2024)

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Community action Projects[edit | edit source]

Citizen Scientists - Afon Llynfi
Authors: Friends of the Upper Wye, Jul 12, 2022
Are you a River Keeper...?
Authors: Bioregional TV
Date: 2021-01-15
  • River clean ups
  • River Keepers, information from (South Devon / Plymouth)
  • Citizen Science
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Citizen science refers to the involvement, participation and engagement of citizens in local or online (global) scientific work relevant to the citizens' interests, usually as a hobby, often as a passion.

Citizen science can include such activities as:

  • Reviewing photographs or data online and spotting patterns, anomalies, things of interest etc.
  • Taking field samples in local areas such as water from creeks/rivers, monitoring air quality
  • Taking not of and listing species spotted, to help scientists assess decline or increase in species in certain areas; for example, see Big Garden Birdwatch as one example of such an activity
  • Going through old scientific records and finding relevant data from the past and/or digitizing data for future use
  • Taking measurements, keeping specific records, noting changes, etc. related to the local environment
  • Sharing scientific information with other citizens in layperson's terms to spread understanding and engagement

Events[edit | edit source]

Networks and river groups[edit | edit source]

  • Friends of the Upper Wye, "Our long-term goal is to restore the ecological health of the river for local communities, for visitors to the region and for all the invertebrates, fish, mammals and birds that also call it home. We will pursue all means to make the Wye a clean river, properly protected, so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come."
  • Citizen Science Groups, Wye Catchment Partnership,
  • Windrush Against Sewage Pollution
  • Eden Rivers Trust, environmental charity dedicated to improving and protecting the River Eden, its tributaries and lakes in the Eden Valley, Cumbria making it a better place for people and wildlife.
  • Ilkley Clean River Group, campaigning to protect the River Wharfe from pollution

Organisations working with communities[edit | edit source]

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The Rivers Trust (RT) is an environmental charity No. 1107144, and an umbrella organisation for 60 member trusts concerned with rivers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The Trust's headquarters are in Callington, Cornwall. The Rivers Trust along with its members work to protect, promote and enhance freshwater ecosystems for both people and wildlife.

  • The Rivers Trust, "The Rivers Trust bring together the people, knowledge, data and intelligence to empower communities to take action and be part of the solution; ensuring rivers thrive."[1]

Resources[edit | edit source]

The State of Our Rivers - Restoring our rivers, naturally.
Authors: The Rivers Trust, Sep 24, 2021

Visions[edit | edit source]

  • "France has 1,300 bathing lakes and rivers, proving that clean, swimmable rivers is an achievable goal."[2]

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Beneath the surface: what's killing the River Wye (and your chance to do something about it)
Authors: River Action UK
Date: 2023-09-13
  • River Action UK, campaigning body committed to addressing the severe problem of river pollution, added 12:40, 18 February 2021 (UTC),

See also[edit | edit source]

local information can be found, or shared, via our many UK location pages

External links

  • River Restoration Centre, "national expert advice centre for best practice river restoration, habitat enhancement and catchment management."

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  1. Our core values at The Rivers Trust,
  2., August 23, 2022
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