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This article focuses on information specific to United Kingdom. Please see our Sharing page for a topic overview.

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Totnes High Street.jpg

World's first mobile library of things is on its way.[1] Jan 30 ...Totnes


ShareFest brings people together to share, repair, swap and make.[2] Dec 7 ...Totnes


How to give the gift of FUN, Nov 29 [3]

Having more, owning less: how to fight throwaway culture, Aug 3 [4]

How the Share Shed in the UK is Building Community, Jul 5 [5] ...Totnes

Allotments near Totteridge -

Sisters are doing it for themselves: the retired women who built their own community, May 31 [6] ...Barnet


Law must change to accommodate the Airbnb economy, finds new review, November 26 [7]


The Definitive List of Sharing Sites..? February 13 [8]


Cromford Give or Take a success, 2 - 3 [9]

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Sharing Economy Review, An independent review of the Sharing Economy for the UK Government

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Autumn 2016 (apply) - Library of Things Bootcamp

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