The Princes Street Gardens and some buildings - left to right, the Scott Monument, the North British Hotel, Nelson's Monument and the City Observatory on Calton Hill, two bridges (Waverley in the foreground, North in the back), rooftops of Waverley Station - in Edinburgh.

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  • The Scottish Citizens Assembly has concluded - and one of its big proposals is a "House of Citizens", as a second chamber for Holyrood, Feb 8 [1]

2020[edit | edit source]

This is why more of Scotland should be owned by the people. [2] Aug 22

Citizen's basic income: Pilot scheme 'challenging but desirable'. [3] Jun 11

Could the Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland change how politics is done for good? [4] Mar 20

♥ We don’t need institutes, we need constitutes… and they should live in a Makar House, Pat Kane. [5] Mar 16 ...Community resources

Is Scotland leading the way on climate change? [6] Feb 4

2019[edit | edit source]

When a renewable energy revolution meets the landscapes of Orkney, the result is quite beautiful. [7] Sep 2

Dundee's green revolution: council-run charging hubs and electric cabs. [8] Aug 16

Päijänne and päijätsalo.jpg

Finland's result on its UBI experiment: people don't shirk work. And it increases trust, health and wellbeing. [9] UBI experiment to start in Scotland. Feb 8

How Orkney leads the way for sustainable energy, Jan 20 [10]

Urban Nature-based Solutions in Scotland at Scale, Toward a regenerative natural asset economy, 2019- , NatureScot, [11]

2018[edit | edit source]

Lesley Riddoch on the "power of local" - communities taking control in their own way, Nov 10 [12]

From Scotland, a proposal for a new level of self-defining community power: Development Councils, Nov 3 [13]

Scotland to ban all plastic straws as Holyrood backs Sunday Mail campaign, Feb 11 [14]

2017[edit | edit source]

Shock figures reveal park life at an all-time low, Nov 5 [15]

Communities to be given 'direct voice' in local authorities' spending decisions, Oct 29 [16]

Scotland to set up publicly-owned, not-for-profit renewable energy company, Oct 11 [17]

Scottish government bans fracking after public opposition, Oct 3 [18]

Huge increase in use of local renewables, Jun 12 [19]

Switching short journeys to bike can save Scots up to £2,000 per year, Apr 26 [20]

Cyclists across Scotland turn out to demand better deal, Apr 22 [21]

Stirling Council celebrates 1,500th solar install as battery storage pilot commences, Mar 3 [22]

Over 1,100 homes to be offered solar by North Ayrshire council, Feb 1 [23]

Cumnock to become Scotland's first fully 'Green Town', Jan 29 [24]

Scotland named one of world’s top ‘circular economy’ nations, Jan 8 [25]

Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland, Jan 1 [26]

2016[edit | edit source]

Stirling communities to be in the driving seat of change, Dec 19 [27]

Scots must opt for electric cars if target for slashing emissions is to be met, Dec 5 [28]

Good sports ... wind boost for Skelmorlie! Wemyss Bay and Inverkip also to benefit, Dec 4 [29]

Beavers given native species status after reintroduction to Scotland, Nov 24 [30]

The community land rush spreading to urban Scotland, Oct 16 [31]

Scotland bans energy firms from setting fire to coal seams to produce gas, Oct 6 [32]

Scotland Has Put The Public At The Heart of Its Plans For Climate Change - And Just Look At The Results, Sep 20 [33]

Turning Scotland ‘green’, Sep 13 [34]

Scotland second to Sweden in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Western Europe, Jul 31 [35]

Scotland beats climate emissions reductions target six years early, Jun 14 [36]

Wind power provides electricity for 75 per cent of Scots homes, May 2 [37]

Scottish Parliament votes for total fracking ban, Jun 2 [38]

2015[edit | edit source]

Plastic bag charge in Scotland sees usage cut by 80%, October 20 [39]

Why Scotland should create its own currency: the ScotPound, September 10 [40]

Why land reform must be urban too, August 26 [41]

Scotland’s Environment Secretary launches circular economy consultation, August 20 [42] Circular economy will help create jobs and protect environment, say Friends of the Earth Scotland [43]

Scottish land reform is on the agenda. And the rest of the UK should take note, June 25 [44]

UK’s first data service for towns and cities launches in Scotland, April 28 [45]

Scotland's plastic bag usage down 80% since 5p charge introduced, April 17 [46]

Scotland's path network extension plan unveiled, March 19 [47]

2014[edit | edit source]

Local food revolution gathering pace, September 3 [48]

Community Energy Policy Statement sets out the Scottish Government’s record of support for community energy and new ambition for holistic local energy solutions, August 18 [49]

Scottish Government says no to UK fracking plans, August 15 [50]

Dunbar announced as Scotland’s first Zero Waste Town, August 6 [51]

30 new marine reserves for Scotland, July 25 [52]

Half of children in Scotland getting to School on foot, bike or scooter, May 30 [53]

“For the first time, anywhere in the world, a community-owned tidal turbine is generating electricity,” Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing, May 21 [54]

Scottish universities given funding for low carbon projects, April 27 [55]

Trying out low carbon electric bikes, April 11 [56]

One tree at a time: restoring the forest of Caledon, February 3 [57]

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