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{{Category TOC}}
{{Category TOC}}
These are just some of the projects on Appropedia.  Please see the categorized list below for more.
<gallery caption="Project Gallery">
File:DSCF1875.JPG| [[UABJO Demonstration Wetland Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation, and Outreach]] in Oaxaca, Mexico.
File:100 2070.JPG| [[Terraces and Ditches at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2214.JPG| [[Ecological dry toilets at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2096.JPG| [[Micro filter dams at Pedregal]]  in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2499.JPG|[[Hydroponic Vertical Garden at Sembradores Urbanos]]in Mexico City
File:100 2497.JPG| [[Raised Beds at Sembradores Urbanos]] in Mexico City
File:RainCatchmentSloped_Terrain&Stormwater.jpg| [[Rainwater catchment at Pedregal]]  in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2142.JPG| [[Reforestation at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2112.JPG| [[Ceiling insulation out of recycled Tetra pack at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico.
File:Casa de Maria Luisa.jpg|[[Rainwater catchment at Isla Urbana]] in Mexico City.
File:100 2486.JPG|[[Worm bin at Sembradores Urbanos]]in Mexico City
File:100 2516.JPG|[[Mini urban greenhouse for seed germination at Sembradores Urbanos|Mini urban greenhouse for seed germination]] in Mexico City
File:100 2495.JPG|[[Polyculture Planting at Sembradores Urbanos]] in Mexico City
Image:SS06 Cutting With Mari.jpg|'''[[UTC Solar Distiller]]''': Building a prototype solar distiller in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:Cutting adobe.jpg|'''[[DIF Adobe Senior Center]]''': Building an Adobe senior center in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:Hotel-perote-project-thumb.jpg|'''[[Hotel Perote Solar Pool Heating System]]''': Solar hot water system for a hotel pool in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:2005 zaragoza system.jpg|'''[[Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System]]''': Solar hot water system for a residence in Parras, Coahuila México.
File:SDC11427.JPG|[[Biodigester follow up and maintenance with IRRI]] in Puebla, Mexico.
File:100 2546.JPG|[[Biodigester Effluent Fertilizer Quality Testing with IRRI]], in Mexico city
File:100 2428.JPG|[[Rainwater quality testing with Isla Urbana]] in Mexico City
Image:BricelandFinal.jpg|'''[[Briceland PV]]''': 960W photovoltaic installation in Briceland, CA.
Image:Finalcobbbench(6).jpg|'''[[Bloomfield Cobb Bench]]''': A cobb bench at Bloomfiled Elementary School in Arcata, CA.
Image:Aleiha_dish.jpg|'''[[Aleiha's parabolic solar cooker]]''': A very hot parabolic solar cooker.
Image:IMG_6743.JPG|'''[[Argentina photovoltaic]]''': A small photovoltaic system for a [[natural building]]/permaculture institute in Central Argentina.
Image:Cs-sfd-Bananas.jpg|'''[[Chris's ENGR305 Solar Food Dehydrator]]''': A hybrid solar food dehydrator, that adheres to as many of the principles of modern food dehydration.
Image:Fin2.jpg|'''[[CCAT's Vermicomposting Bin]]''': Beautiful, pentagonal, Douglas Fir worm bin.
Image:Coop.jpg|'''[[Tire shingles]]''': Roof shingles made from old racing slicks.
Image:Set - 3 003.jpg|'''[[CCAT's Living Roof]]''': A living roof for CCAT's Earthen Oven.
Image:Solarmowerleft.jpg|'''[[Solar Charged Lawnmower]]''': Converting a very used gas power lawnmower into a solar charged, low emission, almost silent, lawn cutting machine.
Image:AEFfill.jpg|'''[[AEF greywater]]''': Recreating a failing greywater marsh at the Arcata Educational Farm.
Image:Bike_Plow_Daveplow2s.JPG|'''[[Bike snow plow]]''': A retractable snow plow for a bike.
Image:6 OccidentalGwTreatmentTanksBubbles.JPG|'''[[Occidental greywater]]''': A five stage, activated sludge greywater system in drums.
Image:Sunny-brae-yurt-covering4.jpg|'''[[Sunny Brae Yurt]]''': Building yurt to brave Humboldt's winter.  Arcata, CA.
Image:Bpack_bike_trailer_-_demo_1.jpg|'''[[Backpack frame bike trailer]]''': [[User:Big Russ|Big Russ]] towing one of the least-expensive bike trailer designs out there built from an old backpack-frame.
Image:Kivagreenhouse1 (45).jpg|'''[[Kiva’s straw bale greenhouse]]''': Year round veggies in a homemade, just under the permitting limit, strawbale greenhouse.
Image:Erssons cistern.jpg|'''[[Ersson rainwater harvest and purification (original)]]''': Rainwater catchment and purification system, at less than $1500
Image:Lalagrima.jpeg|'''[[Greywater Ecuador La lagrima purificadora]]''': Greywater in an Ecuadorian seed saving center.
Image:SJsolar03.jpg|'''[[Photovoltaic_system_at_St._Jude%27s_church]]''': St. Jude's Church, Cupertino, CA
Image:openstreetmap icon.png|'''[[Openstreetmap]]''' <br>Copyright free <br>Map Making
Image:SEARC OTF.jpg|'''[[Open Solar Outdoors Test Field]]'''<br>Open source photovoltaic<br>systems performance data
<br style="clear: left"/>
== Create a project page ==
== Create a project page ==

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Create a project page

To create a new Projects page

First, browse the Projects articles and subcategories below for examples and check for possible collaboration opportunities, i.e. articles similar to what you're considering writing. Once you're ready to create your own page:

  • Type a proposed name for the new Projects page in the following create box, and click "Create article".
  • When the edit window opens, there will be some preliminary sample text with comments as hints. Add information about your Projects. Do not worry about formatting or completeness, others will help and changes are easily made. Be BOLD.

It is highly encouraged to tag your projects with their status -- you can do this with a few templates.

This code

{{status-verified|Name of organization}}
{{status-deployed|Whom|How many|Where}}
You can help Appropedia by contributing to the next step in this [[OSAT]]'s [[:Category:Status]]

Produces this:

This OSAT has been designed but not yet tested - use at own risk.
This OSAT has been modeled.
This OSAT has been prototyped.
This OSAT has been verified by: Name of organization.
This OSAT has been deployed by: Whom at least: How many times in: Where.

You can help Appropedia by contributing to the next step in this OSAT's Category:Status

Project Ideas

If you are looking for ideas for your own project, check our Suggested Projects


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