Demotech's design initiatives aim at self-reliance and "more joy per person".

Demotech's design initiatives aim at "More joy per person". Life has more to offer then any consumer walhalla promises. Reduction of technology and in its wake economy, can go together with the raising of its quality. Far more comfort and leisure time can be had if we only re-design technology according to appropriate technical guidelines. Not meaning this is easy. But -yes- meaning it can easily be done in an Open Source collaborative approach. There are many examples that guide the way, but -no- such a collaborative culture joint effort still has to come into being.

Many ways to participate[edit | edit source]

  • Porting pages from to Appropedia
  • Students research papers and internships
  • Voluntering with work in the Lab and in the field
  • Implement Demotech designs
  • On line support for the Demotech web site
  • Fund raising for our small budgets
  • Donate for research with a high budget uncertency
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