Porting pages[edit | edit source]

Demotech invites that their pages will be ported to Appropedia.

There are two ways to start this job:

  1. If you offer general help with moving Demotech content to Appropedia, please contact Demotech with an email to mailto:info@demotech.org Tell us what amount of time over a certain period of time you can invest. Tell us what is your special field of interest. Then together we will make a plan for moving content that is most appropriate.
  2. Come with your own initiative, contact us, we can give you background info that may matter to you, other illustrations, also the latest or the planned developments.

Please realize that Demotech also has a wiki-section and that we invite you to add your special information to these pages as well.

Porting notes:

  • Keep a clearly marked feedback link to Demotech in anything you port from our pages.
  • Feedback we need for de-bugging and further improvement of our hardware and working methods.
  • Feedback is fun and the big attraction coming back from offering content.
  • Clarify state that almost all our pages regard projects in progress. Few of them are clear 'How To' items
  • When porting our pages make clear that the latest info on that particular item can most probably be found at the original Demotech web page.
  • Last but not least add to your ported page that the Demotech page also is linked to a Wiki-section for precisely this kind of feedback. (Although there is also a forum!)

If porting, please note[edit | edit source]

The sole condition for use of Demotech designs is to provide a link back to its origin attached to the information from Demotech. And please, let this link not only contain name and (web)-address of Demotech, but also a few lines that the author expects explicit and detailed feedback as a rightful reward for its otherwise freely to be used contribution. Feed back regards all reasons for change, how change worked out, how many people used or made it, yes or no to satisfaction and more...

This pre-condition looks like the Creative Commons Licenses, specially the license 'Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0' that seemed somehow to answer what we look for. However not with the specific request condition as named. If you do port a page, please include this above request and the following code at the bottom of the page (just above any categories): {{Attrib Demotech}}

Please see Template:Attrib Demotech to see the text this code (template) adds to a page. This code also categorizes the page as a Demotech page, so there is no need to add the Category:Demotech code to a Demotech page.

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