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Localize Energy

Means to harvest energy from sun, wind, water flow, animal and human power. Means to extract energy from burning fuel. Means to convert energy, mechanical, electrical and heating. Mechanical components for conversion of the speed of rotation. Means to do so locally with what is locally available.

BrickStove with container

Wood feeds slowly from an overhead container into a small size very hot fire box masoned from bricks and clay. Mass of heat buffering stones therefore can be smaller.

More on Energy Conversion

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Solar Cooking & Baking

Orchestrated communal research project to provide soonest solar powered cooking and baking facilities in every house within the limits of 30 degrees of latitude N & S.

Wheels to ease a peasants burden

Wheels, drives and bearings, as part of an engineering system to facilitate small scale agriculture for the poorest farmers


Harvesting energy from the wind with low-tech means resulting in driving a small high-tech generator at high RPM.