Defining concepts

Here you can find definitions and explanations on concepts that are often used in our website, publications and in our approach.

More Joy Per Person

What type of target should Demotech's design iniatives serve? In a wide choice of ideologies available, Demotech creates a new one: We go for 'More Joy Per Person'.

Open Source design

Overtake environmental decline by environmental improvement by the intens collaboration on Internet of dedicated people in the re-design of technologies.

Democracy Sustaining Technology

Redesign technology to become a mayor tool and method to enhance Democracy offering equal opportunities to all.

Learning from Poverty

Deep Poverty indicates the failure of modern ecomomy as well as how modern economy can be organized in a sustainable and more satisfying way

Sustainability Now!

Sustainability is a prerogrative for future economic and thereby social stability. Demotech design initiatives show how full sustainability for many products can be achieved.

Fast Learning

To achieve Sustainability in time, meaning before utter dispair in poverty and utter disinterest from wealthy consumers turns this worls into a radical facist 1984-like culture, we have to learn to LEARN fast.

Shared Innovation

Under construction

Home Work

Change homework from low wage left-over bits industrial work into a sustainable and self-reliant effective mode of production, Do so by offering Open Source production info. Where needed: offer tool sets and training

Peace Studies

Appropriate Technology is regarded by many in the field of Peace or Conflict studies regarded as a valuable tool. This page links such studies to Demotech design initiatives and theory.

Initial Designs

First ideas on a new design initiative should be well written down. They are like dreams, very easely forgotten!

SCOT in Action

The perspective of SCOT is that technological change is not a simple matter of good inventions but emerge because of social needs. A SCOT analysis explains success and failure of technological artifacts by means of social factors.

Constructing the Demotech website

Considerations and toolbox for working on this website. Support remote cooperation in contributing and editing for this website possible

Communicating Demotech

What Demotech is about needs to be communicated to a wider public. Suggestions for PR as presented here need to be workded on.

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