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Published 2008
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Sound mobility

Redesign transportation for people and goods where it matters for sustainability, for quality, in conditions of poverty, for people disabled. Wether used individually or collectively. Add more flexibility, comfort and fun to transportation.

Folding bed for traveling

Field worker's equipment, personal belongings as well as a comportable bed fit into a back pack case. Two halve cases support the bed's netting structure.

IziGo system for urban public transport

Single person cabins on a fine mesh rail net, above and under ground level, also for freight, reduce traffic density in the center, upgrade suburbs.

Load rack for bicycles, to be made on the spot

A rack to take bulky and heavy loads to the market. To make and attach such a load rack is easy and can be done without cost.

Tin Bicycle

Redesign to make a bicycle foldable and lightweight to take it along in public transport. Effective production in local workshops with little investment in tools.