Water & Sanitation


Project initiatives to improve access to water and sanitation, to remove restrictions of cost, to reduce the effort to supply, to ascertain safe use and consumption, to organize proper disposal or secondary use. Ways of teaching and promoting rapid and general adoption of appropriate solutions.

Bathroom with toilet


Private sanitation for every family in a village, constructed during one single communal project, increases comfort, decreases child mortality



A clean, comforatable, compact box shaped toilet facility, separating urine and feaces. Feaces,that is collected in a plasic bag is dried in a solar stove on the roof of the user, then burned. This sanitation is meant for densely populated slum areas.



Pump little filthy (gray) water up from a container to filter down a growth bed for plants. A cloth strip runs in a closed loop, soaking up water and filth. that is squeezed out at the top.

Concrete Hydram


Industrial production of the hydram is replaced by DIY instruction set using a bag of cement, bits of wood and scrap rubber, still attaining good water lifting performance

Cover to better the use of a well


A heavy concrete ring is placed on top of a well. The open center can be closed and locked. Buds on the ring offer support for a pulley, rope guide or pump.

Hy2U for washing hands


The comfort and hygiene of washing hands to be brought into every home, school, clinic and working space at short notice, at little cost while using extremely little water.



Make irrigation of a less hard work when an open well of more then 5 meters depth is available. Energometric effective working position in a frame construction that is to be made by the user or in small construction workshops. Only 2 m. long sticks are needed.

Knots for Rope Pump


Enable women by use of traditional knotting as construction method of the pushers on the rope, that fit loosely in the pump pipe.

Plastic Strip Drip Irrigation


Water transport through gutters made from strips of plastic sheets may solve some problems of cost otherwise needed for PE pipe and for loss of pressure over a certain length due to resistance by small diameters and kinks.



A pulley to ease irrigation of one's garden, its manufacture and sale is part of the local rural economy. It should be light weight, smoothly running and easy to repair.



Locally made, reliable, effective and affordable water pump also from deeper wells. For private or communal use, for irrigation and for drive by hand, wind or motor.

Shallow tube well


Access to ground water (the aquifer) with a shallow tube well, but without investment in tools. The lining can act as filter

Water Bag


Gain knowledge in detail of the why and how of water lifting when using a bag. Develop means to adjust existing methods to new demands

Water Emergency Control


Aids and approaches that relate to regular recurring floods: to safeguard people, small husbandery and personal belongings and to assure access to clean water

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