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Demo Camp Units

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Technology for Democracy[edit]

Technology should be an instrument for social movements. It should not only serve to maintain current political power structures, but also as an aid to break through those power structures. Those people that have no voice, or only a small voice, need support and assistance in order to be better heard.

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DEMOnstrating and CAMPing: a multi-purpose unit[edit]

The following is a list of benefits that Democamp units provide:

  1. Due to the Democamp unit structure, banner messages are more visible to observers and the media.
  2. Democamp units can be laid down horizontally and used as tents during blockades.
  3. Assembling the units is quick and inexpensive.
  4. The units offer protection from environmental elements.
  5. Due to the bamboo construction, the units are very stable and light. If conflict with authorities or any other difficulties arise, the units can be easily disassembled.
  6. The material used to construct the units is inexpensive.

Democamp units raise banners, posters, and speakers above the crowd, providing greater access to your message. Media attention can easily focus on your message since it is above the clutter and confusion created by demonstrators.

How to build the units[edit]

Due to its light weight, bamboo is an ideal material for Democamp construction. Put together bamboo rods that are 2.1 meters long with diagonal wire connections. The bamboo rods are easy to transport and can be put together in minutes at the edge of a demonstration. The single units need to be constructed ahead of time out of wire and bamboo. The basic structure always remains the same, but it can be transformed easily into many different forms. Four people can sleep in each unit and it is high enough that a person can stand up inside of it. If you prefer to build the unit as a square rather than a triangle, it can be used as an improvisational office or room. If the unit is covered with heat-blocking foil, it can be used as a place to recover from sunstroke. Three people can easily assemble a unit, one standing on each corner. In addition, if the unit were to unexpectedly fall on a crowd, injuries would be minimal due to the lightness of construction. Translated by User:Philip93944

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