tool for protests against the G8 summit[edit source]

This summer the G8 summit is hosted by Germany. We want to spread the concept of the democamp units among the social movements that prepare the protests against that event because we think it is a great tool that makes demonstrations more effecitve as it helps to bring the message across... I would like to send the link of this article to some activists... For that reason I translated the article Demo Camp Units into German... see: Demo Camp Einheiten This makes the spread of the idea much easier... I hope that is fine with you! see you on the barricades!  ;-) -Demotech (anna) 09:45, 7 February 2007 (PST)

Hi Anna,
This is great! Appropedia encourages content in all languages, please feel free to add more. I added a category tag that will be useful for people looking for German content. Do you think the Category name should be in German? Thank you, --Lonny 10:46, 7 February 2007 (PST)

I changed the category name into "Artikel auf deutsch" (articles in German)... anna.

Danke. As we proceed the category name may change again, maybe to something like just Deutsch. I look forward to your input as we become more inclusive and multilingual. --Lonny 10:54, 8 February 2007 (PST)

Questions[edit source]

"Bamboo rods that are 2.1 meters long will be put together with diagonal wire connections. The bamboo rods are easy to transport, and can be put together in minutes at the edge of a demonstration."

I don't know anything about diagonal wire connections. Where can I find out about this?
- user:bmorrisett dec. 21, 2008

Hi Bmorrisett,
The diagonal wire connections referred to in the article are cross bracing usually installed from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner (e.g. upper right to lower left, and upper left to lower right). This X provides tensile strength and creates the triangles needed for structural integrity, as opposed to the rectangle made by the orthogonal building. In addition to wire, straps can be used for the same effect. For wire, usually a turnbuckleW is usually used for tightening.
I hope that is somewhat helpful. You may also want to contact the author,User:Demotech_(anna), which you can do by clicking "email this user" on the lefthand toolbar on her userpage or by editing her talk page.
Enjoy and thanks, --Lonny 17:32, 21 December 2008 (UTC)
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