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Contributions Permaculture garden in Cook County

We're just getting started setting up some pages for Illinois.

Article and Category Notes[edit | edit source]

Articles I started[edit | edit source]

5/20/2009 Update. The following linkd to greennet, but is now a bad link. Too bad, this was a great PDF article:

Compost is a tool and a concern! (source: Dr. Wes Jarrell, Urban Soils)

  • Original ingredients: What goes in?
  • Analysis: When is compost ready?
  • Stability: Compost must be mature or it will rob nutrients
  • Salinity: High salinity may damage plants
  • pH: Amend compost as needed to attain near 7.0 pH
  • Source of nutrients?: What nutrients are available in compost?
  • Weight: Should be light and add sufficient organic material

Mediawiki and Appropedia Notes[edit | edit source]

#Redirect [[PMI-SP]] {{R to other namespace}} 
  • How does one rename a category? No admin is needed for this. You just have to go into each page and edit it to change the category name. Once there are no pages referring to the old Category you can propose the Category for deletion or just redirect to the new Cat. user:filceolaire See Appropedia_talk:Village_pump#How_to_request_a_category_rename. 12/1 update: Category:Cook County now has a redirect to :Cook county, Illinois. 12/2 update: You can use the {{Delete}} tag on a page to mark the old category page (with no articles and no sub-categories).for deletion.
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