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This is a stub page for a survey of temporary and emergency shelters, and the construction techniques for these. Some of the designs listed use non-sustainable plastic, but are listed to help stimulate similar design approaches using more sustainable material.

Appropedia Articles[edit]

  • ShelterBox Relief Tent - Appropedia stub article. The shelter box is parachuted in to disaster area and includes a tent and emergency supplies. See also STAR-TIDES Shelter, an Appropedia stub article.
  • Construction techniques - a few topics here such as bamboo construction will be helpful when considering temporary shelter design.
  • Demo Camp Units - this article describes briefly and illustrates the use of bamboo rods and wire connectors (needs more detail on the wire connectors) to build vertical display banners, but also this technique can be used to build temporary tents and shelters.

External links[edit]

  • Doug Patt's Shelter Kit - consists of fabric roof, reusable plastic panels. No tools or fasteners required. This is youtube video. Apparently no other web information is currently available.
  • Global Village Shelters - self-contained kit, rigid walls and roof, material used is polypropylene profile sheets.