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Authors Jake May
O. Rogers
kaelon martin
Chase E. Bloom
Completed 2012
Cost USD 50
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The purpose of this page is to show off the Alternative Transportation Wheel that our ERE215 group built for Friends of the Dunes.

Our main goal of the transportation wheel is to get visitors of FOTD to think about the mode of transportation they used to arrive there and the corresponding carbon footprint that they have just produced.

Problem Statement and Criteria[edit | edit source]

Problem Statement[edit | edit source]

The objective is to create an interactive exhibit that will get visitors to think about their means of travel and the impact they are having on the environment.

Criteria[edit | edit source]

Criteria Weight Description
Cost 6 Must be less than or equal to $400.
Longevity 10 Must withstand a lifespan of 6 or more months at friends of the dunes.
Aesthetics 9 Must fit in with the surrounding area, must stand out and grab visitor's attention.
Safety 10 Must be usable by all ages and have no parts that can harm users.
Educational Value 7 Teaches people about carbon footprints and gets them to think about their impact on the environment.
Simplicity 9 Easy to use by all ages, easy to read for adults.
Site Appropriate 10 Must fit in with FOTD and teach a lesson that's related to coastal ecosystems.
Durability 10 Must be able to stand on its own without breaking in any way.

Description of Final Design[edit | edit source]

Design Cost[edit | edit source]

Included is a graph showing the amount of hours we put into each individual part of the project.

Implementation Cost[edit | edit source]

Materials cost table
Material Quantity Our Cost Subtotal Retail Cost Subtotal
Bike Tire 1 Donated $50.00
Total $0 $50.00

Maintenance Cost[edit | edit source]

Maintenance of the Alternate Transportation Wheel is illustrated in the table below, in number of hours per month.

Maintenance cost table
Maintenance Task Frequency Time (hours)
Inspect structure of sign to make sure the ground is holding and the signage isn't damaged. Weekly 0.25
Inspect and oil chains and center rotator. Monthly 0.25
Inspect bike tires. Monthly 0.25
Monthly Total 1.50
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Keywords education, transportation, wheel, bike tire
SDG SDG04 Quality education, SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Jake May
License CC-BY-SA-3.0
Organizations Friend of de Dunes, Engr205 Introduction to Design, Cal Poly Humboldt
Language English (en)
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Created April 3, 2012 by Jake May
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