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About Me[edit]

Name:Oliver Rogers I am a transfer student in my second semester at Humboldt State University. I recieved Associate Degrees in Natural Science/Mathematics and Social/Behavioral Studies from Napa Valley College[ ]. I have also graduated from Benchmark Institute College of Advocacy[1].In Fall of 2011 I participated in many labs and created a webpage about Carbon Scrubbers.[2]

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Design and computer aided design
  • Creating funtional systems/structures
  • Progressing from the conceptual and design phases to something tangible

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Intro to Environmental Resource Engineering Fall 2011
  • Helping my grandfather with projects (drainage, structural, gardening) around his property in Napa
  • Designing and modifying systems/structures (drainage, structural, gardening) at my property in Willow Creek

ENGR 215 Introduction to Engineering Design Portfolio[edit]