Solar Water Condenser. For anyone with clean water issues a solar condenser is a viable small scale potable water option.

1. Make or clean out a suitable container. If it contained oil light a fire to burn out any residue.


If the top is still on remove it.




Cooling is caused by evaporation on the top of the condenser plate. Clean water forms on the bottom of the condenser plate due to a temperature difference; i.e. cold on top and warm on bottom.


If you would like to leave unattended for extended times:

1. Replace the glass with heavy gage sheet metal. 2. Drill or cut holes in the top reflector.


Find a smaller container. ( 5 - 10 gallon )

3. Cut the top from a smaller container and drill or cut holes in the in the bottom. 4. Paint white or wrap with tin foil.


5. Place on first container, then place fabric filter; add sand and fill with mud; replace lid.