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Below is some background category structure that was used to create the current version of the Water category. This may be useful as the category develops. --CurtB 19:54, 11 February 2007 (PST)

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Questions[edit source]

(put these on Water talk page)

  • Create hydraulic ram category? Rope category?
  • Create Wastewater treatment? How does Greywater play in?
  • Create desalination category? distillation category?
  • Include snow/snowmelt into rainwater? Issue for flood control
  • Create separate roof catchment, storm catchment categories?
  • Create Water delivery? Water storage?
  • Water quality article exists. Move it to a category page? Redirect?

Water[edit source]


Garden box • Planter box


Hydraulic ram, Solar, Rope, Hand


Flood control Swales
Rooftop catchment • Stormwater catchment


Wastewater treatment
Primary • Secondary • Tertiary • Physical • Chemical • Biological • Constructed lagoons • Community scale

Water conservation

Composting toilets

Water delivery[2]

Water jugs • Aqueducts and plumbing

Water purification

Desalination Solar desalination
Distillation Solar distillation
Filtration Slow sand filtration

Water quality[3]
Water storage

Storage tanks Ferrocement • Plastic • Wood

Water supply

Rural water supply • Wells

References[edit source]

  1. Include "snow" and "snowmelt" in Rainwater, and/or add a redirect?
  2. Water delivery instead of transport?
  3. Water quality also in Health?
  4. How is a Cistern different from a storage tank?
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