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Name Gabriel Krause
Interests water
Email goodsignal@appropedia.org
Registered 2024
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Contributions Burning Man Evaporative Cooler
Occidental greywater
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Gabriel Krause works primarily as a lighting designer, though is continually seeking opportunities to use his design skills for for invention and sustainable developments. He has designed and developed greywater systems, solar powered cooling systems, and most recently served as lead designer on The Waterpod Project. He started his work in sustainability by adopting a disintegrating college student organization, Washington House of Appropriate Technology, and renewed and energized the organization under a new name, Students at Evergreen for Ecological Design or SEED to provide a networking hub, reference library, eco-design business directory, and engage students in eco-demonstrations, local eco-design tours, and trips to related conferences. He joined the team of Appropedia.org during its early stages and contributed to its development as a successful wiki. Gabriel Krause lives in Brooklyn, New York

If you have any questions, interesting projects in the works, or are seeking lighting consulting, please don't hesitate to contact me.

My Appropedia pages[edit | edit source]

As the original Tech person starting Appropedia with Lonny, many of my Appropedia contributions are actually on the server-side. Here are some of my wiki-side contributions:

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