In January 2007, merged its impressive collection of green wiki material into Appropedia. This is the announcement that was made:

For the last few weeks, folks at WikiGreen and Appropedia have considered how best to collaborate on our shared goals. The decision: Assimilation! So, in less time than it takes to build a strawbale greenhouse, nearly 1000 pages and more than 1000 images have been migrated from WikiGreen to Appropedia. Yay! It was a pretty clean process, but some tidying up continues. Please pardon our "dust" as we wrap up the integration. And, as usual, your help and feedback is valued!

Eric Blazek was the administrator and a major contributor to WikiGreen, and the Appropedia community appreciates his willingness to bring the content to Appropedia. We appreciate the efforts of all WikiGreenians in creating a great collection of material.

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